Buzz That Was: Happy as clams

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Jameis Winston apparently was in a hurry to make a different kind of delivery to the plate on Tuesday night.

In case you were too busy celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Mean Girls" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

In a pinch

In "here's a sentence you probably never thought you would hear" news, Jameis Winston was cited for shoplifting crab legs from a Publix grocery store. The reigning Heisman winner from Florida State reportedly walked out of the Tallahassee-area store with $32 worth of crab legs that he didn't pay for. He claimed he forgot about that whole paying thing, which TOTALLY happens all the time to everyone. Insert side-eyeing Chloe image here.

Also a closer on the Seminoles baseball team, Winston was suspended from the squad and will be required to perform 20 hours of community service. But what was likely a less-than-stellar day for Winston ended up feeling like Christmas morning on Twitter.

Ah well, this shouldn't be much more than a sideways step for Winston in his career. I'll stop now.

Kiss it goodbye

While seated courtside during Game 2 of the Brooklyn Nets-Toronto Raptors series, Drake sounded the viral alarm as he used a lint roller on his pants. So naturally it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on the moment. Enter Bounce. The laundry detergent company distributed lint rollers to fans at Game 5 on Wednesday.

As the Raptors were rewarding their fans with the gift of "No New Lint," the Nets were trolling their own fans on Twitter. So that's, um, a different marketing approach.

But it was another viral moment that grabbed the spotlight at the Air Canada Centre. During the final moments of the Raptors' 115-113 victory, a fan awkwardly tried to kiss the woman seated next to him and was immediately rejected.

Impatiently awaiting another company to find a way to capitalize on the cringe-worthy attempt.

Farewell party

After two tumultuous seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, coach Mike D'Antoni resigned on Wednesday night. While his players gave the standard lines expressing their disappointment, Magic Johnson couldn't contain his excitement.

Tell us how you REALLY feel there, Magic. I would tell D'Antoni not to take it personally, but, honestly, he probably should. Ouch.

Throwing in a duet

Nothing says pump-up music before a football game quite like the Backstreet Boys! During warm-ups for the Illinois spring game, quarterbacks Reilly O'Toole and Wes Lunt sang along with "I Want It That Way," and it will likely make even the most adamant *N Sync loyalists smile.

"Dude, I'm KILLING this song."

Fighting words

It's no secret that Seattle Reign goalkeeper Hope Solo can be a little intimidating. Her teammate Sydney Leroux perhaps best summed up Solo's on-field demeanor with a tweet on Wednesday after the Reign's 2-0 win over Sky Blue FC.

Solo responded to Leroux, saying her new goalkeeping strategy involves "stylishly making enemies." There's the Hope Solo we all know and... are desperately afraid of.

'She's a smasher'

In "why don't things like this happen at the weddings I attend?" news, an Irish bride surprised her new husband with a video featuring the RTE soccer crew at their reception. The four-man panel analyzed the marriage like they would a game, much to the delight of the guests and Jones himself, with lines like "I actually think David's taking a big chance ... he could have had any girl to marry, he's a really top lad." It's pretty much the best thing you'll see this wedding season. Or next.

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