Buzz That Was: Hopping mad

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Emotions were obviously on opposite ends of the spectrum after the Thunder's stunning comeback against the Clippers in Game 5.

In case you were too busy scouring Instagram for clues explaining the Solange Knowles-Jay-Z incident and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about.

Robbery charges

The Oklahoma City Thunder rallied from a seven-point deficit in the final 50 seconds to beat the Los Angeles Clippers 105-104 in Game 5. That's a fact. But if the Thunder deserved to win is a much more touchy subject today. Down two with 11.3 seconds left, the Thunder were awarded possession of a ball that appeared to last touch Reggie Jackson of, you know, the Thunder.

The call ended up playing a huge role in the outcome because Russell Westbrook was fouled on a 3-pointer with 6.4 seconds to go and made all three free throws. Naturally Doc Rivers was less than thrilled about the turn of events, even saying his team got "robbed" by the officials.

Per usual, the controversial call was bad news for the Clippers but great news for anyone who enjoys Twitter.

Meet the winners

In disappointing news for anyone who thought they were in the running for "Sister of the Year" honors, the competition is all but over. Over the weekend at an Illinois middle-school track meet, Chloe Gruenke felt a sharp pain in her thigh on the second lap of the 800 meters and was unable to continue running. And then her twin sister, Claire, who was also competing, put Chloe on her back -- literally -- and carried her to the finish line.

While the sisters finished in last place, they definitely got bumped up a few millions places in the amazing siblings category.

Quick reply

Patrick Peterson recently was asked about Richard Sherman's new contract. Likely not wanting to enrage the trash-talking enthusiast, Peterson said little on the topic but noted he was aware of the deal and - when pressed -- went on to say that he thinks he's worth more than Sherman. Because what else can you really say? But those few -- and totally prompted -- words were enough for Sherman to take to Twitter and speak his mind.

Sherman clearly just wanted to prove he was the most defensive-minded on and off the field. But, seriously, isn't there a hobby he could take up that doesn't include publicly bashing EVERYONE ELSE in the NFL? I hear knitting is a great stress reliever.

High hopes

Georgia football fans are pretty excited about the impending arrival of four-star running back recruit Nick Chubb. Why, you ask? I think these pictures and tweets from the Georgia state championship track meet pretty much say it all.

You are officially on notice, linebackers of the SEC.

Right number

While attending Game 3 of the Thunder-Clippers series last week at the Staples Center, Rihanna attempted to take a courtside selfie with Los Angeles Police Commission president Steve Soboroff, but ended up dropping his phone and cracking the screen. Feeling guilty about the whole thing, or just wanting to stay on the good side of the LAPD (you listening, Justin Bieber?), the pop star not only bought Soboroff a new phone but she also donated $25,000 to a fund for cadets and fallen officers.

Blue monster

Cookie Monster stopped by the Atlanta Braves-San Francisco Giants game. And while he seemed moderately interested in talking baseball, the beloved "Sesame Street" character stayed true to his name.

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