Socially speaking: LPGA's best

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Michelle Wie and Jessica Korda are likely not fist-bumping over getting on this list.

With the 2014 season in full swing, we decided to take a look at some of the LPGA's best and brightest. In 140 characters or fewer and Earlybird filter usage, that is. Here are our favorite social media moments from May.

Jessica Korda | @JessicaKorda | Ranking: 16

Jessica Korda won her second tournament of the year at the Airbus LPGA Classic by one stroke and celebrated by ... doing laundry. Just as anyone would do, we're sure. Here's to hoping she at least wore her clean clothes out to a celebration dinner.

Danielle Kang | @daniellekang | Ranking: 129

Lydia Ko | @Lko424 | Ranking: 3

Much like the other great besties of our time -- Selena and Demi, Miley and Mandy, Taylor Swift and every other woman in Hollywood -- Danielle Kang and Lydia Ko have decided to start their own YouTube channel, complete with their very own theme song. And more great news for everyone out there dying to watch the two kill time in airports, they promise to constantly update it with highlights from their hectic lives.

Brittany Lincicome | @ Brittany1golf | Ranking: 57

Many players on the LPGA Tour are calm and cool under pressure, but Brittany Lincicome may have taken it to a whole new level. While playing during her practice round at the ShopRite Classic, a fox started following her around the course. And instead of running for the hills screaming like most of us would do, she gave it a pretzel, took a photo and tweeted a topical pop-culture reference.

Sandra Gal | @TheSandraGal | Ranking: 41

Sandra Gal has yet to win a tournament in 2014 but easily takes the cake for MOST ADORABLE PET ON TOUR EVER. If you need proof of this, just watch her puppy eat carrots for 15 seconds.

Tiffany Joh | @tiffjoh | Ranking: 191

Tiffany Joh is known for her love of animal onesies and frequently documents her interesting fashion choices on Twitter. However, it's not every day she finds kindred spirits who share her clothing sensibilities. That is, until Comic Con came to her hometown of San Diego.

Cindy LaCrosse | @CindyLaCrosse | Ranking: 219

Cindy LaCrosse provided some very practical advice after watching "The Vow" that you definitely might want to keep in mind if you ever wake up and find yourself married to Channing Tatum.

Michelle Wie | @TheMichelleWie | Ranking: 10

Before Michelle Wie joined all your Facebook friends in spurning gluten, she was just like every other bread-loving, pasta-eating American. She posted a picture of her past, gluten-full life and ... we can now see why maybe it was time for her to step away from the baked goods.

Alison Walshe | @ Walsheyyy | Ranking: 114

Someone at some time in history probably compared the game of golf to solving a puzzle. Alison Walshe would likely agree with this sentiment as she and Stacy Lewis decided to spend their coveted practice time at Pinehurst putting together a ... jigsaw puzzle. That is not a metaphor.

Christina Kim | @TheChristinaKim | Ranking: 107

Rule No. 973 of LPGA Tour life: Don't fall asleep before Christina Kim or THIS will happen...

Gerina Piller | @Gerinapiller | Ranking: 30

A day before 50 Cent publicly humiliated himself with a first pitch that made Mariah Carey's throwing ability look decent, Gerina Piller was given the same honors at the Philadelphia Phillies game on Memorial Day. Needless to say, the professional athlete did significantly better than the rapper from the mound, as evidenced by the picture of a ball actually moving in the right direction.

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