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Here's hoping that the Rangers and Kings make things more interesting on the ice than their governors did off of it.

In case you were too busy wondering what Ryan Lewis does and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

No better bet?

In what can only be described as the lamest bet of our time, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California Gov. Jerry Brown put a friendly wager on the Stanley Cup finals between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. If the Rangers win, Brown will send Cuomo some organic brown-rice cakes (lightly salted, of course) and a book on the history of California. If the Kings win, Cuomo will send Brown a Taste NY gift basket and a commemorative puck for three straight on-time budgetszzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, about that. I fell asleep while typing the bet's terms.

Seriously, Govs? You know you live in major states with a lot of desirable goods, right? You can do better.

Saved by the bell

What do you get for your superstar athlete friend who already has everything? I honestly have no idea because I have no such friends. However, one unidentified Chris Paul pal knew EXACTLY what to do for the Los Angeles Clippers star's 29th birthday last month -- an autographed Tiffani Thiessen (better known as Kelly Kapowski) picture. Much to the envy of every child of the 1990s.

In the caption, Paul called it "easily one of the best Bday gifts I've ever received in my 29 yrs on this Earth!!!" He went on to refer to Thiessen/Kapowski as "#My1stLove," making both his wife and Zack Morris more than a little jealous.

Striking ending

RIDICULOUS PLAY ALERT: Over the weekend, Kendyl Boltz led her high school team, Billings West, to the Class AA Montana state softball title with a walk-off strikeout. That is not a typo. Tied in extra innings with Missoula Big Sky, Boltz failed to make contact for strike three but ran to first after the catcher was unable to field the ball. Somehow, as a result of multiple errors by the Big Sky infielders, Boltz rounded the bases to give her team a 3-2 win and the state title. You might have to see this one to believe it.

Just like every young softball player dreams of, I'm sure.

Vlad gets his 50 Cent

By now approximately everyone on the planet has seen 50 Cent's disastrous first pitch at the New York Mets game last week. So, as stated by the Laws of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before the spoofs and other viral creations of the video would begin. The gang over at MLB Fan Cave did their part and added retired outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, known for being one of the best bad-ball hitters in the game, to the clip.

Nice hit, Vlad. Somewhere out there, probably counting his vitamin water money, 50 Cent is thrilled we're still not on to his publicity stunt.

He's automatic

If you just can't get enough first-pitch action (and still haven't found a hobby of any kind), please enjoy this video of RoboCop doing the honors before Tuesday's Toronto Blue Jays-Detroit Tigers game. Yes, he is better than 50 Cent because, duh. He's a robot, people!

Pick 'em, pandas

In your daily dose of "AWWWWWWWWWWWW" news, China has tasked a group of ADORABLE BABY PANDAS with predicting World Cup results. The cubs, who live at a panda conservation center in the southwestern province of Sichuan, will make their choices by picking food out of different baskets and climbing various trees. In 2010, Paul the Octopus became a global phenomenon after he correctly predicted the outcome of eight World Cup games, including the title match. While it's unlikely the squee-worthy pandas will be able to replicate Paul's success, I look forward to all the pictures and videos of them trying.

Brofessional spellers

If you love the Scripps National Spelling Bee but wish the words were a little more pertinent to your vocabulary, it's your lucky day. Mashable had Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe, the co-champions of the 2014 event, spell words from America's ultimate word source -- Urban Dictionary.

Don't pretend you could have spelled "googleheimer" correctly on the first try.

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