Buzz That Was: Getting carried away

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Game 1 wasn't much fun for LeBron James, but it certainly was a cool experience for fans -- at least the ones who weren't in the stands.

In case you were too busy trying to choreograph your cats' "Turn Down for What" dance routine and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

The heat of the matter

The San Antonio Spurs battled the Heat, literally and figuratively, on Thursday night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. With a broken air conditioner at the AT&T Center, the Spurs got past the steamy 90-degree heat to beat the Miami Heat 110-95. The extreme temperature became the game's major storyline as everyone from the players to the fans in attendance felt its effects.

But no one was more impacted by the balmy conditions than LeBron James. The four-time MVP struggled with cramps and was forced to miss the game's final minutes. He received treatment on the bench in the fourth quarter and briefly returned to the game, but moments later signaled he needed to be taken out. In a much-scrutinized and game-defining moment, he was carried to the bench with about four minutes to go.

Because it's 2014, the move sparked an immediate viral trend called #LeBroning.

Seemingly everyone piled on LeBron's misery. Even Gatorade. The sports-drink company wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew the Heat star does not drink its product. Because if he did, this NEVER would have happened. According to Gatorade, anyway.

Gosh, LeBron. If only you spent time working on your air-conditioning repair skills or stayed properly hydrated. THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO MICHAEL JORDAN. Or so everyone on Twitter tells me.

Tim Duncan's moment in time

Tim Duncan, the guy from, you know, the winning team, had 21 points and 10 rebounds. But all Twitter seemed to care about was a face he made in the second quarter while arguing with a referee about a foul call.

Because the Internet can be a beautiful place, his expression was magically transported into other worlds and other crises.

Shelby Osborne, the next Richard Sherman?

On Wednesday, Jeffersonville High School (Jeffersonville, Indiana) defensive back Shelby Osborne committed to NAIA Campbellsville. No, Shelby is not a strange name for a guy. This Shelby is a girl and she will become the first female defensive back to play college football. At 5-foot-6 and 140 pounds, Osborne played in five games at cornerback during her senior season. She attended an open recruiting session at Campbellsville and, with the help of her high school coach, Lonnie Oldham, convinced the college to give her a chance. On Thursday, she graciously tweeted with former New Mexico kicker Katie Hnida, the first woman to score in a Division I game.

And then, perhaps just to prove she really is just like every football player out there, she quoted Richard Sherman.

Translation needed

The gang over at Bad British Commentary released their Stanley Cup finals version on Thursday. While the footage is actually from Game 6 of the 2013 finals, or "Stanley Night Cup" as one bloke might say, it still deserves a watch. Because quite frankly, they probably have no idea what year it is, and that fact in no way interferes with observations like "Mary Poppins, look how small the goals are!" or "He slipped past his man like an eel in an overcoat!"

"It's like the end scene of 'Home Alone' but everyone has a beard." Exactly.

From bolos to this?

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers made headlines during the season for wearing bolo ties during his postgame news conferences. And now it seems as if he's fully embraced the early-1990s urban cowboy look. During a softball game with teammates, Rivers rocked a mullet wig and a fascinating pair of shorts.

Somewhere out there, probably talking to anyone who will listen about his daughter Miley, Billy Ray Cyrus must be proud, y'all.

Friend of the club

In 1989, Biz Markie released his biggest (read: only) hit with "Just a Friend." In 2014, Biz Markie is still performing the song on demand at just about any and every occasion he is invited to. On Thursday, while in attendance at a charity event for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, Biz performed the song with Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

If you're going to be known for one thing your entire life, might as well use it to raise some money for charity.

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