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Isaiah Austin's dream of playing in the NBA was cut short, but his "Dream Again" slogan is providing inspiration across the country.

In case you were too busy mourning the end of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd on "The View" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Most popular pick: Isaiah Austin

In one of the most touching moments of the day/week/month/ever, Adam Silver and the NBA took a moment during the first round of Thursday's NBA draft to honor former Baylor center Isaiah Austin. Just days after he was diagnosed with career-ending Marfan syndrome, the league made a ceremonial selection between the 15th and 16th picks and helped Austin fulfill his dream of hearing his name called. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Warning: It's about to get VERY dusty wherever you're sitting. You might want a tissue -- or an entire box -- before watching this one.

The move was an immediate viral hit, and Austin -- and Silver -- became the emotional heroes of the night.

Austin himself seemed genuinely moved by the gesture and took to Twitter later in the evening.

Well done, NBA. Well done.

Party dress for Andrew Wiggins

After months and months of speculation, Andrew Wiggins was selected with the first pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Perhaps knowing he would want to show pictures of the day for several future #TBTs or perhaps because he knew he would soon be joining equally hyped rookie Johnny Manziel in Cleveland, Wiggins wore his grandmother's finest curtains as he graced the stage.

Manziel, in turn, greeted his new wingman with open arms.

Watch out, Cleveland. Wiggins and Manziel are coming to a nightclub/bar/house party/any social event near you.

Shabazz and LeBron?

Reigning NCAA tournament Most Outstanding Player and former UConn star Shabazz Napier was selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the 24th pick, and for one shining moment (see what I did there?), UConn fans everywhere rejoiced for the reunion of Napier and fellow Husky legend Kemba Walker.

But, alas, it was not meant to be. Within moments, Napier was traded to the Miami Heat. Much to the delight of LeBron James ... and to the chagrin of Mario Chalmers. LeBron, who opted out of his contract with the Heat earlier this week to become a free agent, has frequently expressed his admiration for Napier and continued to do so immediately after the point guard's name was called on Thursday.

The Heat certainly are hoping the move will help convince LeBron to stay with the team. Will it work? Stay tuned for the next episode of "As LeBron Turns."

My kind of town, Minnesota

Former UCLA guard Zach LaVine was drafted with the 13th pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He appeared as happy as someone who was just told his puppy had died.

After a flurry of controversy, LaVine expressed his excitement about heading to Minnesota, calling it a, ahem, "great town."

I think it might be time for LaVine to back away from the television cameras and microphones.

Delayed reaction

LaVine wasn't the only one who appeared less than thrilled about his future destination. Former Kansas center Joel Embiid, who was watching the draft from his house while recovering from foot surgery, seemed to do his best McKayla Maroney impression as he looked decidedly not impressed after being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with the third pick.

However, Embiid was VERY quick to point out that he was watching on a delayed feed and his shown reaction was not accurate. He shared his actual expression on Twitter moments later.

When a loss is a win

The U.S. soccer team lost to Germany 1-0 but still advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup thanks to Portugal's 2-1 win over Ghana. Chant it with me now, "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL ... LOSE AND STILL ADVANCE!" The World Cup, everybody!

The U.S. commemorated the, um, loss with a shirtless celebration in the locker room. Because, who really knows what to do when celebrating a loss that's sort of a win?

The U.S. failed to score or do much to help its own cause, so the squad had to rely on an outsider. That American hero? Cristiano Ronaldo. You know, the same guy who provided the devastating assist on Sunday that resulted in a draw with Portugal. Just as everyone was expecting, I'm sure. The Portuguese star scored in the 80th minute against Ghana to all but cement the U.S.'s spot in the next round.

Of course, this goal made last week's national villain into this week's hero. American Twitter thanked him with the ultimate form of gratitude. Per Twitter standards, that is.

Break point for Agassi and Graf?

While the U.S.-Germany showdown may have made you think twice about going to the beer garden down the street for a few days, a lot more was riding on it at the Andre Agassi-Steffi Graf household. The married tennis legends, who just so happen to be from the two battling countries, naturally had rivaling interests in the match. While there is sadly no recording of the in-game trash talk from their couch, both Agassi and Graf got to be winners on Thursday and live happily ever after. PHEW.

Rihanna: Red, white and boo

Global pop icon and emerging Twitter troll Rihanna continued her "GO ANYONE BUT AMERICA!" barrage on social media during Thursday's showdown. The singer, who is from Barbados but resides in the good ol' U.S. of A., showed her newfound and unwavering support for the German squad. Just four days after emerging as a die-hard Portugal fan! I think I'm sensing a pattern here.

Of course, more than a few people were a little upset with Ri-Ri's allegiances.

Um, perhaps everyone was unaware, but Rihanna doesn't give a ... um, anything, about your opinion.

No pregnant pause

If you need motivation to go running today, please allow this image of five-time national 800-meter champion Alysia Montano at the U.S. track and field championships on Thursday inspire you. Did I mention she's NEARY EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT?

Suddenly my "I can't work out because my shoelaces are too old" excuse doesn't seem that convincing.

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