Buzz That Was: Putting on a sad face

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Lionel Messi didn't get to enjoy Argentina's moment for long.

In case you were too busy watching the latest "Mockingjay Part I" trailer and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Sad semifinal

After 120 scoreless and snooze-inducing minutes, Argentina finally managed to edge the Netherlands in penalty kicks to advance to the World Cup final. Insert obligatory "GERMANY WOULD HAVE SCORED 33 GOALS IN THAT TIME!" joke here. Argentina scored on all of its penalty kicks and sealed the game when Maxi Rodriguez scored on the team's fourth attempt.

Argentina will face Germany in the final on Sunday in a rematch of the 1986 and 1990 World Cup championship matches. So just how did Argentinian star Lionel Messi celebrate? If you guessed anything that sounds remotely fun, you would be wrong. The global superstar took a mandatory drug test almost immediately after the match. WOMP, WOMP. That's a party fail if I've ever heard one.

In further proof that Argentina had one of the worst victory celebrations ever, Pablo Zabaleta posted the saddest-looking selfie on Twitter, showing off his bandaged lip that he injured during the game. And a blue wig.

Warning: If you have a fear of clowns, this photo might haunt your dreams or your soul for the next three weeks or so.

Letterman to Dempsey: You need a nurse

U.S. soccer captain and all-around American hero Clint Dempsey received a standing ovation and obligatory "U-S-A" chant during an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Wednesday. After the patriotic screams died down, Dempsey defended the beautiful ... act of flopping.

Somewhere out there, probably entertaining his contract options while casually blowing in family members' ears, Lance Stephenson is nodding in agreement.

Making it real

Ever wonder what those pesky flops would look like in real life, or IRL, as the kids say? You are not alone. A Canadian production company revealed what everyday life would be like if everyone reacted like a soccer player. Spoiler alert: There are lots of dramatic facial expressions in your immediate future.

Pitchman turns Batman

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price was named to his fourth All-Star Game earlier this week. So naturally he celebrated by driving around his neighborhood while wearing a Batman mask. As one does.

Johnny Manziel crossing the line?

The Boston Red Sox rallied from a four-run deficit to beat the Chicago White Sox 5-4 and snap a four-game losing streak on Wednesday night. While that's great and all, I'm only mentioning it so I can tell you who was in the Fenway crowd. Much to the delight of the area bar owners, Cleveland Browns quarterback and noted reveler Johnny Manziel was in attendance. Joined by a group of beautiful women --NATCH -- Manziel seemed to enjoy the game, or at least his company.

Um, excuse me, Johnny, but I think Boston is firmly Rob Gronkowski party territory. That's like violating the first rule of bro code or something.

Let's hear it for Chewie!

Happy Thursday! Please celebrate being one day away from the weekend with this clip of Chewbacca throwing out the first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates-St. Louis Cardinals game.

Looks like we have a new favorite in the Wookie of the Year race! I'm just going to stop here.

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