Cindy Davis learned life-long lessons

Courtesy of Cindy Davis

The Furman women's golf team in 1984, from Left: Sara Anne McGetrick, Denise Killeen, Kathy Hart Wood, Cindy Davis and Dottie Pepper.

"Participating in sports taught me the value of commitment, focus, team and results. There is no doubt that much of what I've achieved in life as a person and as a professional is thanks to my experience as a student-athlete." -- Cindy Davis on what sports taught her.

Cindy Davis became president of Nike's golf division in 2008.

Davis is responsible for driving market leadership and growth for all aspects of Nike golf. Prior to Nike, Davis was senior vice president at the Golf Channel and has held various senior management level roles at The Arnold Palmer Golf Company and the LPGA.

Davis started playing sports at an early age and participated in golf and basketball in high school. She then played college golf at Furman University. LPGA great Dottie Pepper was on her team.

"I have always been passionate about sports -- both playing and watching," Davis said. "In high school I was on the girls' basketball team during the winter, and was the only girl on the boys' golf team in the spring/summer."

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