Marriage of Cowboys and Victoria's Secret hits mark

Courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys

The Victoria's Secret PINK store at Dallas Cowboys Stadium caters to female clientele by providing them with Cowboys gear tailored to a woman's physique.

Football and undies.

Some women will say they can't live without either one.

Others may tell you the two have nothing to do with each other and putting them together is borderline crazy.

So leave it to Dallas Cowboys owner, general manager and businessman Jerry Jones to do just that. And he has actually convinced me, who usually doesn't like anything frilly next to her sports, this is a good idea.

Jones opened a Victoria's Secret PINK store at Dallas Cowboys Stadium at the beginning of the month, a first for any professional sports venue. Crowds of men and women have lined up outside ever since to buy female-friendly football gear. Along with bras and underwear, the store sells T-shirts, sweats, hoodies and tanks from the PINK collection.

While Jones may think it's wonderful to serve female fans, he opened the store because he knows there's money to be made. Approximately 44 percent of the NFL's fan base is female and they often control their household's buying power.

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

Victoria's Secret Cowboys-themed gear comes in many styles.

"We think [the PINK gear is] cute as a bug and very in place to show it and sell it out there," Jones said on Dallas radio station KRLD-FM.

"Women have been craving the fitted team shirt instead of taking our husband's jersey and wearing it to a game," said Charlotte Jones Anderson, Jerry's daughter who serves as executive vice president of brand management and president of the charity foundation for the Cowboys. "The Victoria's Secret PINK gear is just girly enough to please our female fans."

But don't let the "girly" and "cute" descriptions of the PINK collection fool you. The line is for the hardcore female football fan. It doesn't pander to women by making everything pink with rhinestones. And, it does not perpetuate sexist sayings like "check out my tight end." The line delivers the Cowboys' star and lettering on clothing designed for a woman's body.

When I first heard a Victoria's Secret store was opening, I thought it would be filled with impractical items that had no relation to the sport, similar to the high-priced 6-inch stiletto NBA heels by HERSTAR that would land you on the injured list if you wore them to an NBA arena. But that's not the case here. The store is filled with practical, comfortable items that let women celebrate their fandom. Want to wear your team close to your heart? How about a cute Cowboys bra?

The key to embracing this store is realizing it is for women, not men. That's because the gear is for her to celebrate her allegiance to the team and not to entertain the man.

Curves and femininity are just as powerful as the straight lines and masculine tones incorporated into men's clothing. You don't have to dress like your husband in order to go to a game with him.

The trend of female-specific clothing isn't going anywhere. Most leagues carry some women's styles in their stadium stores. Pro Bowl pick and Super Bowl champ Carl Banks is releasing a line of women's NFL sportswear called "4her." The PINK online store also sells clothing with all 32 NFL team logos.

Since it opened in 2009, Cowboys stadium has been at the helm of innovation. The forethought to open this store and cater to female consumers further proves it.

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