Jay Bird Freedom Sprint ear buds

Jay Bird

Jay Bird's Freedom Sprint ear buds sell for $129.

Since the beginning of portable handheld music players to hit America, music is a major part of just about everyone's lives today. Athletes seem to be associated with and influenced by music more than most people and the motocross community is no exception.

Jay Bird wireless products is a newly created company that intends to keep the athlete driven and motivated by connecting with, or in this case not being connected to, music devices. There probably isn't a single rider or athlete who doesn't listen to his favorite song to get pumped up before his race or during his workout sessions. And, of course, you don't ride with your headphones in but you sure do leave them on until the very last minute.

With a mantra of "power for your passion," Jay Bird wireless products developers understand everyone has passion in them, whether it's from riding dirt bikes or to painting. Streamlining the active lifestyle that comes with your passion and celebrating the energy and euphoric achievement that comes from it, Jay Bird wireless created premium sound products that enhance that lifestyle. Enhancing your athletic experience, inspiring people to be more active and empowering them to improve their lives is what has set Jay Bird apart from the rest.

The Jay Bird "Freedom Sprint" wireless ear buds are a Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker system for your music and your phone calls. The ear buds feature premium sound with a warm bass tone to eliminate listener fatigue during extensive workouts.

With one of the key features being emphasized on the sub-bass levels, listeners can enjoy their music longer because the listener fatigue has been combated by reducing the listening ranges of the mid- and extreme treble. This creates easy listening and that bumping bass we all find ourselves cranking up. The louder it goes the more motivated and driven you become to push yourself to your limits when working out and that is what the Freedom Sprints are all about.

Another cool feature on the Freedom Sprints is the fumble-free, on-ear controls. Whether it's taking a phone call or listening to music, the on-ear controls allow you to make quick adjustments, returning you back to the focus of your workout or current activity.

Also designed into the technology is a microphone and microphone chamber to ensure your calls are clearer and easily understood. Because most everyone nowadays uses their smart phone as their music player, this feature comes in handy for those urgent mid-workout phone calls.

Before I read anything on the Jay Bird wireless ear buds I took them straight to the gym and put them to the test to see if I could pick out any of the key features and if they had any downsides. The first and most noticeable thing that caught my attention was the bass. I went from my Freedom Sprints to my iPhone ear buds and surprisingly I couldn't believe how much more bass and easier on my ears the Freedom Sprints were for listening. As for the downsides, I found none. I was happy with the fit and function all the way from putting them on to taking them off.

Jay Bird wireless ear buds rule because you no longer have to deal with that annoying nuisance of a dangling cord catching on everything or bouncing around as you workout. There's no more harsh sound when you get into the endurance level of your workout because the finely tuned bass eases your ears with a warm bass to keep the music cranking and keep you working out. It comes with 4.5 hours of playing time and a lifetime guarantee against sweat, and multiple ear fittings to ensure the most secure fit for whatever sport or activity you do.

Jay Bird's Freedom Sprint ear buds sell for $129. The company's products are sold at most of the major electronics retailers but it's best to head to their website, jaybirdgear.com, to find the retailer that is best or closest for you.

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