Ashley Wagner adds another coach

LAKE ARROWHEAD, Calif. -- Two-time U.S. champion Ashley Wagner will train part-time with coach Rafael Arutyunyan, she says Tuesday.

Wagner also will continue training with John Nicks in Aliso Viejo, Calif., but Arutyunyan will accompany her to competitions because Nicks has decided not to travel in the upcoming Olympic season.

Arutyunyan, a former national competitor for the Soviet Union, has worked with Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Mao Asada, and Jeffrey Buttle. He will accompany Wagner to her first Grand Prix competition in October in Detroit at Skate America.

Wagner says she "scrambled a bit after Mr. Nicks confirmed he would no longer be my travel coach. I'm now thrilled to have two great coaches in my corner."

Wagner has worked with Nicks for two years.

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