No deal for the Dodgers

MLB: Dodger fans are thrilled Bud Selig rejected the Fox TV offer on which the McCourt's divorce settlement is based, nullifying that settlement. (Maybe that'll speed up the exit of these onerous owners). Why did Selig reject the deal? It seems the McCourts had planned to take a sizable portion of the upfront $385 million from the reported $3 billion TV deal for, as Selig put it in a statement on Monday "the personal needs of Mr. McCourt" (read: the divorce settlement, fees, debt). And that's on top of the $100 million they've already funneled out of the team since they've owned it. Ugh. MLB had already taken control of the troubled franchise and is investigating the team's finances.

Jack McKeon, 80, has officially taken over the Florida Marlins. The interim manager, who lifted them to a surprising World Series victory over the Yankees in 1993 (starting midseason then, too), is now old enough to be a grandfather to most of the players. At his first game back Monday, the Los Angeles Angels threw McKeon into the fire, beating the Marlins 2-1, making it 11 straight losses and tying a franchise record.

Side note: Giovanni Ramirez, the man police believe brutally attacked San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow, has not been charged with that crime (yet). But he'll remain in jail for 10 months because of a parole violation involving possession of a gun -- which they found in a laundry basket when his home was searched in connection with the beating. Now, with 10 months at their disposal, the police can try to solidify their case.

Tennis: In his first round Monday, Rafael Nadal won his 12th straight Wimbledon match, beating Michael Russell 6-4, 6-2, 6-2. Next up, American Ryan Sweeting, who has lost to Nadal three times this year (all three matches ended in straight sets, including the Australian Open). To Nadal's credit, he won't reveal who he thinks will be his biggest rival (Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic?), preferring to focus on Sweeting, who can only scratch his head about why he keeps getting the top half of the draw.

College baseball: North Carolina waves good-bye to Texas after freshman left-hander Kent Emanuel pitched the first complete-game shutout at the College World Series in five years. With a hot -- and very cool -- combo of pitches that kept the Longhorns off their game, the 19-year-old Emanuel showed maturity beyond his years. Texas had been 8-1 in elimination games during the postseason. Later Monday, heavy rain followed high winds and forced the suspension of the Florida-Vanderbilt game. Florida leads 3-1 with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning. The game will resume Tuesday at 11:06 a.m. ET.

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