World Cup, here at last

BERLIN -- A couple days ago, our national team finally arrived in Berlin and it has been AMAZING. In two days we play in the opening game of the World Cup against host country (and tournament favorite), Germany. The game is going to be played at the Berlin Olympic Stadium with more than 75,000 fans expected to attend.

After our arrival in Berlin, I was fortunate to get to go see the stadium. It is unbelievable. The stadium is best known for Jesse Owen's heroics during the Berlin Olympics as well as Zinedine Zidane's infamous head butt during the 2006 World Cup final.

Being here in Berlin, reality has sunk in. The World Cup is just around the corner. While in Rome, the tournament seemed so far away, but here in Berlin everything is about the World Cup.

Everyone on the street knows about the game and signs are up all around the city. I also think the people at our local Starbucks know us by name. As always, our team has been visiting the local coffee shop on a daily basis. I actually think they should sponsor our team (hint, hint).

Wednesday was an exciting day, as we had our official tournament meeting with FIFA. During the meeting, we received our official tournament accreditation and we were able to wear our game uniforms for the first time to do a photo shoot. This is always exciting, as it kind of marks the start of the tournament activities. Personally, I can't wait for Friday as my aunt and uncle arrive from Portland, Ore.

I have not seen them in a long time and it means the world to me that they are coming here to support me.

Maybe I'll take them to Starbucks!

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