U.S. women's soccer team give fans thrills, chills

Social media lit up Sunday afternoon as the shorthanded U.S. women made an incredible late-game comeback to defeat favored Brazil. Along the way, they picked up some new fans of soccer and delighted those who already love the beautiful game. See if your reaction matches those below. (Did you miss it or want to see it again? Watch it on ESPN3 now.)

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35cham: It was not just a victory. It was a victory extracted from the jaws of defeat. Well done USA world Cup team!

SGTRJ: One of the most thrilling sporting events, period, in any sport, men or women's. … Really, if you didn't watch the game, you'd swear some hyper sentimental Hollywood director dreamed the whole thing up. Just a thrilling win for US women's soccer.

OSegura19: I'm so glad that non-American people were cheering for the U.S. in the stadium. It gave me chills when people started chanting USA! USA! USA!

Cster0905: Seriously, the class and execution of Megan Rapinoe's cross could never be overstated. That was a thing of beauty - and exceptionally accurate. Abby was the emotional engine of the team today but, Rapinoe's cross was the reason we tied the game.

trhyne: If they intended the re-kick on the second-half penalty to be due not to Solo but another player, she WOULDN'T have been given a yellow card. The attempt to retroactively rationalize a missed call is iffy.

SJansen22: As a fan of the United States, I'd say the referees weren't that bad. I think the Red Card was a bit over the top but it's plausible at full speed. I could see giving a penalty there but no red card. The encroachment call was technically right and the ref showed consistency in being very tight on penalties.

Tratu: Marta may be the best player right now, but she is also the best complainer on the field. I think that is why she was booed. I expected to see a great player and all I saw was a great complainer most of the time.

pjreiter: Way to go U.S.A.! We definitely needed this as a country. However, let's please stop the lame "Team of Destiny" stuff. Soccer has nothing to do with destiny. It's about skill and a little luck.

potsos76: One of the greatest games of football I've ever seen and certainly the most dramatic. Brazil has the individual talent, the USA has the fitness. The referee and her crew couldn't help but insert themselves into the outcome with a truly amateur display of of officiating with terrible calls and omissions on both sides. Excellent display by the US team to come back and win it.

Chonch McSomething: I'm glad people won't let Brazil's poor sportsmanship/gamesmanship die. I'm a guy and I can only watch women's soccer because they actually play rougher than men. I've become increasingly annoyed with the USMNT because of their increased use of diving as a way to eliminate a perceived disadvantage when playing European and South American teams and it's been steadily pushing me away from the sport. It was a pleasant surprise to see the non-US fans rally to support our team for playing honorably and with heart and determination. I think it clearly shows how hungry the rest of the world is to return to a more honest style of play.

cjkinger: Ah sweet justice: Erika flopping, then getting a yellow card for it, but the best part is the USA gets the equalizer in EXTRA TIME as a result of Erika's flop.

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JulieFoudy (@JulieFoudy) … Two moments where I had to collect myself. Ahhh. What a night.

sethmeyers21 (@Seth Meyers21) I will be petitioning @ESPYs to add a 5th nominee for "Best Play" on Wednesday. #Wambach

LeBron James (@KingJames) USA!! #HopeSolo. Congrats ladies

Candace Parker (@Candace_Parker): We gotta win the world cup after that comeback win!!!!

blakegriffin (@BlakeGriffin) This will probably be my only tweet about women's soccer but Hope Solo has serious swag. Congrats to the us women's team

Matt Barkley (@MattBarkley): Just saw the USA game on my DVR!!!! Wowwww I have goosebumps alll over! Unbelievable! Go USA!!!

brandichastain (@BrandiChastain) 2011 World Cup has been an amazing&the best is yet to come.Abby Wambach and Co. were just stellar tonight.How do you say winner? U-S-A

Eric LeGrand (@BigE52_RU) When I get better I may have to try out some of these soccer skills. After watching that game. Extra hyped right now. Team USA

Larry Fitzgerald (@LarryFitzgerald) Watching the World Cup and seeing these women play w/ so much heart and determination make me so proud 2 b an American! #heartofchampions

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Keith Cunningham: I know little about soccer, but anyone who cannot appreciate the athletic achievement displayed by this team doesn't really understand. It's not about the sport really it's about the athletes. If you don't get it, stick to your video games. Well done USA ladies!

Charles Sowell: That should definitely win an ESPY next year! In fact, I want to be the first to nominate this victory for the comeback of the year ESPY for 2012!

Cory Seitzinger: Best female soccer match I've ever seen!! What perserverence, despite the officials trying to take the game from them! UNBELIEVABLE

Chris Ellerbe: don't like "football" that much buuutt..yea that was awesome! with the ref tripping every two mins. , bad calls, 10 on 11, and Brazil faking injuries to waste time..which came back to bite them in the butt. very impressive ladies.

Roberto Tinajero: Best soccer game I have ever watched. Men or women it's been absolutely amazing.

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