Let the games begin

NFL: The deal is done and done -- the players and owners will make lots more money. The ratification Monday will spawn a huge amount of activity (free agent and rookie signings etc.), and thankfully for us fans there will be football to watch soon. But this was not a strike of the downtrodden; this was a strike of the upper echelons duking it out against one another. Money hand over fist will be made by them all and by their lawyers (aka destroyers).

Side note: As usual Brett Favre's agent called talk of a Favre return this season "speculation." When did he not say that before Favre returned?

NBA: Will Kobe Bryant play alongside the New York Nets' Deron Williams in Turkey during the NBA lockout? I don't think so. So why is an executive of Turkish club Besiktas saying there is a 50 percent chance that Bryant will play there? The club said Bryant was waiting for an offer. His optimism needs to be tempered, but money will not be the problem. Turkish Airlines, M-Oil and Milan Petrol will sponsor the deal, according to the executive. Turkey's NTV Spor reported last week that the club would need a sponsor to be able to pay for Bryant's approximately million-dollar-a-month salary, though I like the sound of a million a month. Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

MLB: The Yankees tried to not be the team against which the Mariners end their skid -- so they won decisively 10-3 Monday. It was the 16th loss in a row for the Mariners, extending a dubious franchise record. ... The Rangers defeated the Twins 20-6 after racking up 27 hits! In the win, seven Rangers had at least three hits each!

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