36 seconds with Elissa Steamer

On Sunday, July 31, swayer of the skate stick, Elissa Steamer, turns 36-years-young. After a fouth place finish in Friday's X Games 17 Women's Street contest, espnW caught up with the legendary lady for a quick 36 seconds, because she's got places to go, oceans to surf, cement to assault and a whole grip of candles to blow out.

espnW: Any word on your new/next/now board sponsor?

Elissa Steamer: Nothing new to report since last time we talked.

espnW: You've won four golds, a silver and a bronze at X, how does yesterday's fourth place finish feel?

ES: Well, I wasn't even going to skate in the first place with my knee being so jacked, so all in all, I'm really just glad that I was able to get out there. Sure it would have been better to do better, but considering the circumstances, I'm pretty happy with myself.

espnW: What did you think of your youthful competition?

ES: I thought Marissa [Dal Santo] killed it. She's always my favorite. Obviously Alexis [Sablone] is just amazing. Those two really make me proud. They just go for it, you know? They put down real tricks. They're all out. I always love seeing them skate.

espnW: How did you celebrate your eighth X Games appearance?

ES: I had a bunch of friends out from Florida who have never been to California. We watched the guys in Skateboard Big Air then got some dinner. Today (Saturday) I'm in Malibu because they wanted to see L.A. and do the whole Hollywood thing. I'm showing them around.

espnW: You're buying a new hand bag with your winnings, aren't you?

ES: Oh yeah. You know me. I'm in the market for the perfect shirt to go with it while I'm here, too.

espnW: Sunday's big birthday plans?

ES: I'm flying home to San Francisco tomorrow. My friend's picking me up and we're going to the rodeo.

espnW: Are you a secret rodeo savant?

ES: Oh yeah, I mean, this is not my first rodeo. This one's about an hour drive somewhere east of Santa Cruz. It will be a good time, I'm sure, I mean, how can you not have a good birthday at the rodeo?

espnW: Will we see you at X Games 18 or are you gettin' too old for this?

ES: Oh, I'm old, but I'll be out there. Always. I'm gonna ride right into the ground!

Mary Buckheit is a freelance journalist based in San Diego. She can be reached at MaryBuckheit@hotmail.com.

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