A-Rod's poker face

MLB: Just when the Yankees thought they were past Alex Rodriguez's midseason surgery, this just in: The MLB plans to investigate his participation in private (illegal) poker games in Los Angeles. One game reportedly ended in a fight when a player refused to pay his losses -- to the tune of half a million dollars! Apparently, Rodriguez had already been warned in 2005 about playing in these high-stakes games. New York now braces for a possible suspension that will not overlap with his rehab downtime. The Yankees, however, had a great night and pounded the White Sox for 23 hits in an 18-7 win.

Golf: Rory McIlroy said he's considering joining the PGA Tour and playing a full-time schedule state side next year. Why? The weather. That couldn't have gone down well with his fellow countrymen. Apparently, the young prodigy didn't enjoy finishing out of the top 10 at the blustery British Open.

NBA: Former player Darius Miles was arrested for trying to carry a loaded gun onto a plane at Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport on Wednesday afternoon. (Maybe he just forgot he had it?!) And earlier this week, in Arizona, ex-player Samaki Walker tried to eat marijuana at a routine traffic stop. (He also had prescription pills, one gram of pot and eight bottles of liquid steroids.) Maybe it's something in the water.

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