Maya Moore talks WNBA playoffs

This has been a busy time for me on and off the hardwood. There have been many long days and early mornings but also some fulfilling time with different people, which made it all so rewarding.

I am still adjusting to the hectic WNBA schedule. We have played or traveled almost every other day in the past month and were on the road for about two weeks straight! To put it in perspective, I played about the same number of college games at UConn each season but did it over three extra months. Adjusting to the early flights has been hard for me, since I am still "learning" to be a morning person.

We had many great wins but also had to deal with some tough losses. You have to have a short memory in this league, because before you know it, you are tipping off the next game. Thankfully, sprinkled throughout the season were warm visits from family and friends in most of the cities we played. These moments of catching up took some of the stress away from the intensity of the season, and I am grateful for everyone who came to visit me.

The highlight of the past few months, though, was finally getting to meet the best basketball player in the world -- MJ himself. Yes, Michael Jordan! It is such a cool feeling and an honor knowing that I am a part of his brand, but it is even more surreal to actually be able to spend time with Jordan and some of the staff. I was able to take a visit down to Santa Barbara, Calif., between road games to hang out with MJ and his campers at his annual basketball camp. Seeing the excitement on the boys' and girls' faces was priceless. It was so fun watching a young girl go speechless after winning a pair of Jordan shoes I signed for her!

Not only did I have an amazing experience with MJ and the kids, my Lynx squad and I were able to get a good road win against the LA Sparks. It was a great weekend.

Now, it's playoff time! I'm honored to have been named rookie of the year Friday and want to say thanks to all of my teammates for making me look good out there. I'm excited and a little anxious to experience this level of intense basketball. We've been studying the other teams nonstop, because everyone is so dangerous. Even the slightest area of uncertainty can cost us. We treated the final few regular-season games as preparation for the playoffs, and I hope it will pay off.

It has been a grind coming off a long college season and finishing this WNBA regular season, but it is time to bring the mental, emotional and physical energy it takes to win in the postseason. Go Lynx!

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