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Sarah Spain (follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain) is the co-host of "espnW Presents: Spain & Prim" on ESPN Radio, a SportsCenter Anchor for ESPN1000 and an espnW columnist since 2010. She was a heptathlete at Cornell and is a lifelong Chicago sports fan.
  • Athlete's Life

    The Scrivens family: A professional goalie pair

    Ben and Jenny Scrivens met as freshman hockey players at Cornell, and have been a couple ever since. Despite their posts across the country, the pair of pro goalies treasures their time together.

    Nov 20 12:32 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • News & Commentary

    Rooting for Rousey is tough, and it's got nothing to do with loss

    Ronda Rousey's violent incident with an ex, as detailed in her autobiography, had Sarah Spain feeling, for the first time, conflicted in her support of the now-fallen champ.

    Nov 18 8:16 AM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan and Stugotz discuss the NJ Devils/76ers helicopter landing on a youth soccer field with Sarah Spain and Dan gets double death in the Grid of Death.

  • Sarah Spain: No apology for Patrick Kane

    Sarah Spain defends her response to the rape allegations against Patrick Kane, contending that her actions don't warrant an apology to the Blackhawks star.

    Nov 8 3:03 PM ET

  • Gerald McCoy on his top strength as player

    Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy comments on the most he has ever eaten, his biggest strength as a player, Aaron Donald's abilities, losing to the Redskins in Week 7 and collecting superhero paraphernalia.

  • Larry Fitzgerald on meaning behind his hair

    Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald dishes on dealing with stretches of low production in his career, losing his mother to cancer, his hairstyle, traveling to Malawi and the attention his rear end receives.

  • Big Boi makes selections for Week 9 in NFL

    Rapper Big Boi makes his selections for Week 9 of the NFL season, including Packers-Panthers, Dolphins-Bills, Redskins-Patriots, Eagles-Cowboys and Bears-Chargers.

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Sarah Spain debate whether Stugotz can finish the Grid of Death doughnuts, converse with Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Sarah Spain cover the Pentagon's payment to the NFL for patriotic game events and chat with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald, rapper Big Boi and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Sarah Spain discuss how reputation influences the CFP rankings, the lack of charges against Patrick Kane and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Sarah Spain co-hosts. Stu has to eat 36 powdered donuts, sports nicknames & Patrick Kane won't face rape charges plus Big Boi and Gerald McCoy join the show.

  • Michael Smith on World Series: 'This series is over'

    ESPN's Michael Smith and Sarah Spain debate if the Royals are already a lock to win the World Series even though they still need two more games to clinch.

    Oct 29 12:27 PM ET

  • His & Hers TV

    Michael Smith and Sarah Spain discuss the opening night of the NBA season and the Royals taking a two game lead over the Mets in the World Series.

  • The importance of social change

    Sarah Spain sits down with four sensational women who have each taken grand steps to change the conversation surrounding women in leadership positions.

    Oct 23 12:17 AM ET

  • Bill Murray on Wrigley: 'How I always pictured it'

    Actor and Cubs fan Bill Murray joins SportsCenter to describe the scene at Wrigley Field before Game 3 of the NLCS and what it would mean for him if the Cubs win the World Series.

    Oct 20 7:37 PM ET

  • Carmelita Jeter pleads for social media honesty

    Three-time Olympic medalist Carmelita Jeter sits down with Sarah Spain at the 2015 espnW: Women + Sports Summit and urges women to skip the glam and go for the flip-flops when posting on social media.

    Oct 15 5:32 PM ET

  • News & Commentary

    The wrong packaging for women's football

    Oxygen's "Pretty. Strong." showcases some amazing athletes who follow their passion while balancing their lives. Too bad those uniforms get in the way of what could be an empowering message.

    Oct 14 11:00 AM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Athlete's Life

    Joan Benoit Samuelson: Marathon storyteller

    Olympic gold medalist and Chicago Marathon record-breaker Joan Benoit Samuelson was back in the Windy City this weekend, reflecting on a life of running and the story each marathon tells.

    Oct 12 1:25 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan, Stu & Sarah Spain on Sarah be like Stugotz, how the new power and fame has gone to Stu's head, the movie "The Program" and Dan says Miami has a chance against FSU.

  • ESPN Radio

    Dan, Stu & Sarah Spain on Thabo Sefolosha being acquitted, on Jerry Jones defending Greg Hardy plus they are joined by Big Boi and Seth Meyers. And the Grid of Death!

  • The Dan Le Batard Show

    Late Night's Seth Meyers chats with Dan, Stugotz and Sarah Spain on being a late night talk show host and if he has "beef" with Donald Trump.

  • The Dan Le Batard Show

    Rapper Big Boi of Outkast talks about the case involving Thabo Sefolosha, the recent incidents of racial profiling and makes NFL Week 5 picks.