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Sarah Spain (follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain) is the co-host of espnW Presents: The Trifecta with Spain, Jane & Kate on ESPN Radio, host of the That's What She Said podcast, a SportsCenter reporter and an espnW columnist since 2010. She was a heptathlete at Cornell and is a lifelong Chicago sports fan.
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    Fans need to see change, not just acknowledgement

    People shouldn't have to feel guilty about their fandom as a cost of doing business, Sarah Spain says, but that's the place a lot of Cubs fans are in with the arrival of Aroldis Chapman.

    Jul 26 12:11 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

    Christina joins Sarah to discuss baseball and her experience as a trans woman in the sports world.

  • OffSCenter with Reese Waters

    Jay Harris and Sarah Spain rejoin Reese Waters to answer some rapid-fire questions. Plus, more on the show's future, bitter former players, fighting and how much you can lift.

  • espnW's The Trifecta with Spain, Jane & Kate

    Sarah, Jane and Kate talk about the WNBA players and the NBA taking a stand.

  • espnW's The Trifecta with Spain, Jane & Kate

    Swin Cash joins the ladies and addresses the WNBA players wearing "Black Lives Matter" shirts, who were then fined by the league for not adhering to the dress code.

  • Kobe's condescending letter to 17-year-old self

    Reese Waters and Sarah Spain break down all the ways Kobe Bryant's well-intentioned letter to his younger self turned into Bryant bashing his own friends and family.

    Jul 20 1:24 PM ET

  • OffSCenter with Reese Waters

    Reese Waters welcomes Sarah Spain to talk about her path to ESPN. Plus, more on the weirdest fans, the worst renditions of national anthems and the toughest financial times.

  • His & Hers TV

    Sarah Spain and Reese Waters fill in for Jemele and Michael. They discuss if the Warriors can keep all their stars happy, Kobe Bryant's letter to a 17-year-old Kobe and much more.

  • Shaq won't put Duncan in greatest big men category

    Reese Waters and Sarah Spain explain whether or not Shaquille O'Neal is right in not considering Tim Duncan as one of the greatest big men because he is a power forward.

    Jul 19 1:05 PM ET

  • Do you share Melo's enthusiasm about the Knicks?

    Reese Waters and Sarah Spain explain whether or not they agree with Carmelo Anthony's enthusiasm about the Knicks being a great team on paper.

    Jul 19 12:35 PM ET

  • His & Hers TV

    Sarah Spain and Reese Waters fill in for Michael and Jemele. They discuss more Kevin Durant free agency aftermath, particularly the "Russ factor," Draymond Green's refusal to change his attitude and more.

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    Walk-off balks and other tales of woe

    Sarah Spain looks at the unfortunate end to a recent Giants game and reflects on what we can -- and can't -- learn from awful losses.

    Jul 19 10:59 AM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

    ESPN Radio's Ryen Russillo talks about his path to ESPN and the first time he met Sarah.

  • His & Hers TV

    Reese Waters and Sarah Spain discuss Pat Riley's regrets on letting Dwyane Wade leaving. Plus, ESPN NFL analyst Jeff Saturday joins the show to discuss Patriots QB Tom Brady dropping his Deflategate appeal.

  • Lolo Jones looking for love?

    Sarah Spain speaks with Lolo Jones on the ESPYS Red Carpet about the type of man she's looking for.

    Jul 17 12:11 AM ET

  • His & Hers TV

    Michael Smith, Sarah Spain and Marc J. Spears discuss NBA players calling for a social change at the ESPYS. Plus, Thunder guard Cameron Payne joins the show.

  • Kap & Co.

    David Kaplan and Mark Lazerus discuss the ESPYs with Sarah Spain, they talk all things NFL with John Clayton, and they check in on the Open Championship with Andy North.

  • His & Hers TV

    Michael Smith and Sarah Spain in for Jemele Hill discuss Tom Brady's appeal being rejected. Plus, actor O'Shea Jackson and NBA champion Iman Shumpert join the show.

  • Modern athletes managing social activism

    espnW columnist Sarah Spain explains how athletes are managing their image while speaking out about social issues, and the impact Muhammad Ali has on modern athletes.

    Jul 12 1:22 PM ET

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    Spain: The evolution of the activist athlete

    Sarah Spain examines the recent trend of athletes taking on political issues in word and deed, stepping beyond social media to accept the power their voices and actions carry in real life.

    Jul 12 12:49 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

    What is it like to be Editor-in-Chief of espnW AND ESPN The Magazine?

  • espnW's The Trifecta with Spain, Jane & Kate

    Plus Victoria Arlen co-hosts and talks about her Olympic journey.

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    TWSS: Saying goodbye to losing traditions

    ESPN's Jay Crawford joins Sarah Spain to discuss saying goodbye to the tradition of losing in Cleveland, what it was like when the Cavaliers won the NBA title, and more.

    Jul 5 9:32 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

    Jay talks about the evolution of SportsCenter and his son chasing Olympic dreams.