About Sara Lozano

Sara Lozano is a renowned journalist, director and award-winning producer hailing from Madrid, Spain.

Lozano was instrumental in the development of a reporting series for TVE. The series were based on the impoverished areas of Spain, and the works include: "Laboratorio en Sombrerería," "La Banda del Pegamento," "Los autobuses de la muerte" and "Desalojo en Lavapiés." The series triggered the closure of major drug distribution points in Madrid, and her work prompted a major police operation in Saldaría which helped restore better living conditions in the historic center of Madrid.

Lozano is best known for her work on "The Jungle," and has directed "The Keys of Wanninkhof case," a 52-minute documentary program released in July 2008. It was intended to serve as a prelude to the premiere of the miniseries on the trial of Dolores Vázquez, one of the most controversial legal episodes in the recent history of Spain. Lozano has also worked as an investigative producer for El Mundo TV, closely investigating the March 11, 2004 terrorist attacks, covering the before and after effects. Her work was critically acclaimed and was sort out by the BBC and ABC later re-airing her report "Alí, el enemigo de Jamal Zougam" on their stations.

Lozano is also an accomplished screenwriter; her best known works are "11-M. Historia de un atentado" and "11M. Volver a empezar." Sara has also been credited for the special "Mari light" series on the disappearance of a young girl in Huelva in January 2008 and was awarded the Prize Abroad Notebook award.

Lozano attended the prestigious university Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium, specializing in anthropology and "diplomacy and conflict resolution," and has a degree in Journalism from Complutense University of Madrid.