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  • Talking Smack

    Fast and furious

    The Chase is on, but does that mean we need to read about the sport's stars in US Weekly? Leslie Goldman explores racing's intersection with pop culture.

    Sep 22 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Talking Smack

    Twinkle toes

    Hope Solo and Ron Artest will grace the stage this season on "Dancing with the Stars." Will they follow in their fellow athletes' footsteps and nab the trophy?

    Sep 15 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Gear Up

    Going feet first

    Smart socks pamper your dogs and give you a performance boost.

    Aug 24 | By Jamie Sorcher

  • Five books every athlete must read

    Time to get out your Kindle or (gasp!) head for the bookstore. We asked athletes to tell us which books inspire them to win.

    Aug 22 | By Selene Yeager

  • Can these sneakers "fix" your gait?

    Ironman triathletes and ultra-marathoners say Newton sneakers help them run farther and faster. We take a closer look.

    Aug 19 | By Amanda MacMillan

  • Gear Up

    You're the tops

    These five high-tech workout shirts make high performance a no-sweat affair.

    Aug 17 | By Jamie Sorcher

  • Having a power meal with ... Debi Purcell

    This MMA fighter takes on tough-as-nails opponents in cages and rings. But, at the end of the day, she just wants a simple bowl of soup.

    Aug 16 | By Sharon Liao

  • Pregame rituals of the pros

    Sports psychologists and athletes share the quirky superstitions of some of our favorite sports starts.

    Aug 15 | By Selene Yeager

  • How Fit Are You?

    Time to stretch your limits

    Test your flexibility with espnW's fit challenge.

    Aug 12 | By Dana Sullivan Kilroy

  • Tweak your food choices -- you'll see the difference

    Olympian Summer Sanders knows food is fuel. Here's her best advice for eating like a champion.

    Aug 11 | By Summer Sanders

  • Do This Now

    Put down the protein powder

    We're sharing the best quick-hit, must-know tips from experts from all walks in Do This Now.

    Aug 11 | By Becky O'Neill

  • Having a power meal with ... Elena Hight

    The pro snowboarder and two-time Olympian prefers cooking her own veggie stir-fry when she's on the road.

    Aug 10 | By Lisa Costantini

  • Learn from the water's finest swimming machines

    Cut down your lap times by taking lessons from the women who rocked the national championships.

    Aug 10 | By Selene Yeager

  • What's up with ... the raw foods trend?

    Pro marathoners, dancers and triathletes say living on uncooked foods is the key to staying strong and preventing injury. We take a closer look at this trend.

    Aug 8 | By Amanda MacMillan

  • Talking Smack

    One smart cookie

    With Girl Scout Cookie season looming, our sweet-toothed columnist cooks up a list of sweet reasons for indulging.

    Sep 8 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Gear Up

    Get the hair out of eyes and focus on the prize

    Loathe those sweaty strands falling in your face? Here's how to control your locks during high-octane action.

    Aug 8 | By Jamie Sorcher

  • How Fit Are You?

    Make peace with the push-up

    Test your upper body strength with espnW's latest fitness challenge.

    Aug 6 | By Dana Sullivan Kilroy

  • Get on board with these insider tips

    Don't be a Barney. Find your inner Carissa Moore and hang 10.

    Aug 5 | By Colleen Oakley

  • Dealing with postrace letdown

    Ever train for a major event, then experience physical and mental depression after the big day? Well, doctors say the phenomenon is real.

    Aug 15 | By Lyndsay Meyer

  • Talking Smack

    Gym bag confessional

    Tiger Woods' caddie is threatening to tell all. Now consider this: What dirt does your workout companion or trainer have on you?

    Aug 18 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Do This Now

    Join a night league

    Consider a night league for your summer workouts where exercise comes with sides of comraderie and a little nostagalia.

    Aug 5 | By Becky O'Neill

  • Talking Smack

    Hear them roar

    With the U.S. Open in full swing, the topic of girl grunting is on everyone's lips. Why can't they -- the critics, not the players -- just shut up?

    Sep 1 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Talking Smack

    Word play

    Jeggings was just inducted into the dictionary -- but what about burpeerexic? Our columnist takes a stab at the gym-centric words we should all be using.

    Aug 25 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Run Like a Mother

    10 ways to stay cool(er) while running

    Feeling the summer heat? Our resident runner is too. Here's how to run when the thermometer soars.

    Aug 4 | By Dimity McDowell

  • Lessons learned on a 2,175-mile hike

    Jennifer Pharr Davis smashed the Appalachian Trail in a record-breaking 46 days while dealing with aching muscles, stomach issues and pregnancy tests.

    Aug 3 | By Blane Bachelor