Having a power meal with ... Summer Sanders

Legendary swimmer Summer Sanders has a pretty impressive sock drawer. Stashed somewhere in there are four Olympic medals (two gold, one silver, one bronze) that she won at the 1992 Barcelona Games. Though she's long since left the pool behind, there's nothing lazy about this Summer. She's a TV sports correspondent, writer, reality show celeb and mom of two: 5-year-old daughter Skye and 3-year-old son Charlie "Spider." Plus, Sanders is currently training for the Chicago Marathon. Here she shares the go-to evening meal that literally keeps her going.

What's the dish: The super scramble with a tortilla.

What's in it: The whole eggs ("yolks and all"), spinach, tomatoes, avocado, peppers, cheese, onions, salsa and leftover meat. "I'll put chicken or ham in there if I have it and pretty much any vegetable I can find," Sanders said. "I put butter in a pan, toss in the veggies, add salt and pepper, and when the veggies are tender, add the rest and scramble it up." Add a tortilla, and it's dinnertime.

When it's on the table: At least once a week, after Sanders feeds the kids and tucks them into bed.

What it delivers: "Easy, pure protein," Sanders said. "I also use the eggs with the extra omega-3 fatty acids." The protein helps mend her hardworking muscles and the fatty acids keep inflammation to a minimum for faster recovery and less soreness.

Why she loves it: "Protein is important and hard for me to get in a hurry," Sanders said. "We're busy. I don't always remember to thaw the chicken for dinner. I always have eggs and they're light and satisfying. I never feel stuffed at the end of it. I sit down with a glass of chardonnay and eat in peace with my husband while we enjoy some of our favorite shows, like 'Modern Family' and '30 Rock,' on the DVR."

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