Having a power meal with ... Elena Hight

Call her a quick study: Elena Hight first learned how to ride a snowboard at age 6. By the time she was 13, she became the first female to land a 900 (2.5 full rotations) during a half-pipe competition. Now 22, Hight already has two Olympic performances to her credit.

When espnW caught up with the busy pro snowboarder, she was packing for a training trip to New Zealand. She took a break to share her favorite veggie-packed meal to whip up on the road.

Elena Hight

Because Elena Hight is on the road "roughly 250 days a year," this meal is a standby -- easy to adapt to the organic produce available wherever she's training.

What's the dish: Vegetable stir-fry over quinoa.

What's in it: "I always try to use whatever organic vegetables are in season," Hight said. "So the recipe varies every time I make it. I start by boiling the quinoa while I sauté minced garlic, onions and ginger with coconut oil. Then I add pineapple juice, Bragg All Purpose Seasoning, a splash of rice vinegar, cumin and cinnamon." She tosses in a variety of fruits and veggies, like asparagus, sweet potato, bell pepper, carrots and pineapple and cooks until tender. "I fill my bowl with quinoa, cover with a scoop of veggies and enjoy," Hight said.

When it's on the table: At least once a week for dinner and more often during training weeks. "Because of all of the nutrients, it keeps my body from getting rundown when I'm working hard on the hill or in the gym," Hight said. "Plus, it's a completely satisfying dinner that doesn't weigh me down with anything that's hard to digest in the hours before bed." Hight likes to make a big batch of the dish, so she can eat the leftovers for a few days. "It's perfect for when I'm busy, because I don't have to worry about cooking," she said.

What it delivers: The veggies provide an array of nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E and K, while the quinoa serves 8 grams of protein per cup. "It's a great alternative to eating meat," Hight said. The Bragg All Purpose Seasoning, which tastes like soy sauce, also adds additional muscle-building amino acids.

Why she loves it: "I travel a ton, and sometimes it's hard to find good, healthy meals on the road," Hight said. "I love this meal because I can make it wherever I am." She adds that she likes to whip up the dish toward the end of a trip. "I can use whatever veggies and spices that are left over in the fridge," she said. "So I won't waste anything!"

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