Three reasons to do ... inch worms

The move: Inch worms

Three reasons to do it now:

• They'll warm you up. "Current research is showing that push-ups are an ideal way to start your workout because they place your body in proper alignment, which sets the stage for maintaining that alignment throughout your workout," said espnW columnist Amy Dixon, an exercise physiologist and group fitness manager for Equinox in Santa Monica, Calif. Plus, the hamstrings get a sweet stretch as you walk forward with your hands, waking up the backs of your legs.

• It's a sneaky strength move. "Push-ups are tough enough, but the walk-out part puts even more loading on the arms, core, shoulders, chest and hips than the push-up alone," Dixon said.

• You'll trick your body into responding. Over time, your body adapts to moves you frequently do and becomes less responsive -- unless you change it up. The inchworm aspect of the move tricks your body into thinking it's never seen this exercise before -- no matter how many thousands of push-ups you've cranked out in your life -- so you reap the benefits all over again.