E:60: Randall Cunningham coaches daughter to the Olympics

A generation ago, Randall Cunningham electrified the NFL with his show-stopping athletic talents. Now he's headed to the Olympic Games as the coach of one of Team USA's best hopes for gold in the women's high jump -- his 18-year-old daughter Vashti.

E:60: Simone Biles all about finding balance

She's been called the Michael Jordan of gymnastics, but it took a twist of fate and a change in family to get three-time world champion Simone Biles to the top. E:60's Lisa Salters profiles Biles as she prepares to take center stage at the Rio Games.

Is WNBA out of line for fining players?

The WNBA has fined three clubs and several players for wearing black warm up shirts in the wake of recent shootings by and against police officers, the NBA has not taken any such action against its athletes for similar displays.

Marks: NBA stars should pay WNBA players fines

Anita Marks thinks that the Carmelo Anthony and his fellow athletes calling for change should step up in solidarity and pay the fines for the WNBA players who wore t-shirts in support of the recent victims of violence.

My Wish: Mackenzie takes the field with Alex Morgan

Fourteen-year-old Mackenzie Toman's s spirit hasn't been diminished by the new challenges of a neurological condition she was diagnosed with in 2015. In fact, Mackenzie recently hit the field Alex Morgan and the United States women's national soccer team.