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Roger Clemens
Credentials: After recording his 300th victory last year, Clemens returned home to Houston to be with his wife and four sons. Now pitching for the Astros, he opened the 2004 season with nine straight victories -- at the age of 41.

Past ESPY's: 1998 Best Comeback Athlete

Brett Favre
Credentials: Decided to play on Monday night, December 22, 2003 in Oakland, the day after losing his father. Favre turned in one of the best performances by a quarterback in Monday Night Football history, igniting the Packers' charge to the playoffs.

Past ESPY's: 1996 and 1997 Best Football Player

Kevin Garnett
Credentials: Turned in one of the greatest performances of his career, following an MVP 2004 season -- 31 points, 21 rebounds to lead the Timberwolves past Sacramento in a game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Past ESPY's: none.

Michael Phelps
Credentials: Set five world records and took home six medals at the 2003 World Championships. He beat two Olympic medalists in two nights at this year's Nationals. This summer, he heads to Athens for a shot at becoming the most prolific American swimmer of all time.

Past ESPY's: none

The 2004 ESPY winners will be announced during the ESPY Awards on July 14, 2004 and on the ESPN telecast on July 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

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