King Mo reigns in Seventh Battle

TOKYO -- Muhammed Lawal thoroughly outworked light heavyweight King of Pancrase Ryo Kawamura en route to a unanimous decision victory in the main event at Sengoku "Seventh Battle" at the Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium on Friday.

Though Lawal (4-0) did not secure the tapout he claimed he was pursuing before the bout, his match with Kawamura proved to be a one-sided affair.

King Mo relentlessly pressed for takedowns, whipping down the hapless Kawamura (9-4-2) to the canvas. Riding off to the side, Lawal launched a battery of punches to the head and face of the Japanese champion, who repeatedly crawled to nearby ring posts to hide from the assault. In response to repeated takedowns and four big slams, Kawamura's scuttling into the corner to hide became a recurring scene throughout the fight.

Kawamura had nothing to offer Lawal, who went the distance for the first time and took a lopsided decision by 30-24, 30-27, 30-27 scores.

Afterward, Lawal indicated that an injury to his right knee kept him from sinking in his hooks on the turtled Kawamura; he claimed he was hurt while training with UFC veteran Dean Lister.

"I injured my knee about a week ago," Lawal said. "I kind of tweaked it rolling around, and I tried to rehab it as much as I could before the fight."

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Tony Loiseleur covers MMA for Sherdog.com.