10 Hardest Hitters in MMA History

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1. Robbie Lawler

Photograph By Esther Lin/Getty Images

As inspirations go, Lawler picked a pretty good one. There's not much that gets the 30-year-old southpaw talking more than the mention of Jack Dempsey. Lawler can't say "Manassa Mauler" without smiling, and, like the heavyweight icon, "Ruthless" can't punch without intending to clock someone's head off. Of his 19 wins, 16 came by knockout -- 14 owed directly to punches. Lawler's first fight in the UFC against Steve Berger in 2002 remains one of the promotion's best, in part because of the horrible abuse Berger endured at Lawler's hands. It was the first of many beatings he doled out, many ending in memory-searing finishes.

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