newsHarris survey: X Games - kid's favorite

January 26, 2000

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, ESPN's X Games is the second most appealing sporting event to kids aged 6 to 17. The X Games, the signature alternative sports competition with annual winter and summer events, placed just behind the Olympic Games and ahead of such top sporting events as the Super Bowl, World Series and World Cup Soccer, in appeal to those kids aware of the event.

"Kids consistently rated two events above the rest -- the Olympic Games and the X Games," said John Geraci, Vice President, Youth Research for Harris Interactive. "It's clear that these two multi-sport competitions have a strong and positive connection with today's youth."

The poll, conducted online November 9, 1999, sampled 652 U.S. children between the ages of 6 and 17. Following are the results of the survey.

Harris Interactive Survey - kids aged 6-17
Event Percentage of Kids Who Like This Event "A Lot"
  • Olympic Games 55%
  • X Games 52%
  • Super Bowl 49%
  • World Series 39%
  • World Cup 28%

    Additional X Games research

    Following are some television audience figures (source: Nielsen Custom Analysis) for the 1999 X Games, which took place this past summer in San Francisco.
  • The 1999 X Games were viewed by 55 million different people (age two and over) on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports. That figure represents more than double the people who viewed the event two years earlier in 1997.
  • 5.9 million teens aged 12-17 tuned into the 1999 X Games. That represents 27% of all teens (aged 12-17) in the United States.
  • 4.2 million male teens (aged 12-17) tuned into the 1999 X Games, 37% of all male teens (aged 12-17) in the United States.

    "The Harris Poll results reinforce the growing popularity and positive image of the X Games among kids and teens," said Artie Bulgrin, ESPN vice president, research and sales development. "Over the past five years, the X Games have evolved into more than just the preeminent extreme sports event; but in the minds of kids and teens, the X Games are perceived to be as important as any major sporting event."

    The 2000 Winter X Games - Feb. 3-6

    The fourth annual Winter X Games will take place Feb. 3-6 in Mt. Snow, Vermont. More than 250 of the world's best alternative sports athletes will compete in events ranging from snowboarding to snow mountain biking to snowmobile snocross. The event will mark the ninth X Games in less than five years, including five summer events. The inaugural X Games was held in June 1995.

    Harris Interactive
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