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Sport Notes
Skiboarding Mike Nick has the most medals:
Slopestyle gold '98
Triple Air silver in '99
Skiing (formerly called free skiing) The Skier X event was added to Winter X in 1998 -- men only. In 1999, a women's Skier X was added as well as Big Air (men only).
No skier has more than one medal.
SnoCross Added to Winter X in 1998.
No racer has won more than one medal.
Snow Mountain Biking No rider has dominated this sport. It has undergone a complete change in disciplines from Dual Downhill and Speed (1997 and 1998) to Biker X (1999).
Jürgen Beneke has two medals.

Elke Brutsaert, Cheri Elliott and Tara Llanes all have three medals.
Snowboarding Shaun Palmer has swept gold in Snowboarder X ('97, '98, '99).
Kevin Jones has four WX medals and two summer medals:
WX Big Air bronze in '98 and '99
WX Slopestyle silver in '98 and '99
XG Big Air silver '97
XG Big Air gold '98
Jones has only failed to podium once out of seven attempts.

Barrett Christy has six WX medals and one XG medal. She holds more medals than any female athlete in any X event:
XG Big Air gold '99
WX Big Air gold '99
WX Big Air gold '97
WX Slopestyle gold '97
WX Slopestyle silver '99
WX Big Air silver '98
WX Slopestyle silver '98
Of the athlete invited to WX 2000 (to date), these riders call Vermont home (even though they may live elsewhere for part of the year) Kelly Clark (SBD), Jason Evans (SBD), Peter Mithoefer (BRD), Mike Nick (BRD), Reg Pare (BRD), Adam Petraska (SBD), Ross Powers (SBD), Nevin Schwartz (SBD), Abram Teter (SBD), Chris Vincent (SNX)
Of the athletes invited to date 14 countries are represented; 69 athletes will be participating in their first Winter X Games.

WX -- Winter X
XG -- X Games
SBD -- snowboarding
BRD -- skiboarding
SNX -- snocross

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