Haas to bring strengthened wing for day two of testing after failure

Grosjean struck by front wing failure (0:32)

Jennie Gow brings you the latest from testing in Barcelona as Romain Grosjean and new team Haas are blighted by front wing trouble. (0:32)

Haas will bring a strengthened front wing to the second day of testing after experiencing a failure on its first day of running at the Circuit de Catalunya on Monday.

After completing a handful of laps over two filming days at the weekend, Haas hit the track for the first time in anger at the opening round of pre-season testing but after 13 laps suffered their a setback when the front wing came detached on the pit straight. Romain Grosjean managed to return the car safely to the pit lane and in the afternoon the team returned to the track with a series of short runs to bring the total lap count to 31 laps by the end of the day.

"The front wing? She broke!" team principal Guenther Steiner said after the session. "We had the problem, it broke, we evaluated what went wrong and we are still checking and we fixed one up for the afternoon. But we just did short runs to always keep an eye on it. We get a complete fixed wing flown in tomorrow for 8am, which will be strengthened.

"We don't know exactly why it broke but we know where to reinforce it and we have a solution so that we can keep on running. It broke on the pillars, we know exactly where it broke but we just need to know why it broke. Always with composites it's not as easy to look at it and know why it came loose."

However, Steiner was still pleased with his team's first day on track.

"We didn't discover any big issues apart from the front wing -- of course it is a big issue, but there is also a solution there -- but we had no overheating or anything like this. So in general we are happy with the package. Until the wing broke, the car, the systems and everything worked. It's quite good for a team to experience these problems because you see where you are weak with the mechanics and which processes are missing."

Grosjean was also pleased with the initial feel of the car.

"It went pretty well to be fair," Grosjean said. "It was a hectic last few days to get everything together, the guys did an amazing job to put it together. The car felt good and it's important to get the first good impressions; I've had had two really good cars, one good car, one really bad, so I kind of know where it is! I felt well in the car this morning, it was no set up work, just putting things together and putting it on track. We tried to get mileage but the small issue with the wings that took up some time, but we have fixed it for tomorrow -- that's good -- understood the problem. Generally the car felt good."