Haas feels 'really good' to drive - Romain Grosjean

Haas makes a promising start in testing (0:53)

Maurice Hamilton looks back on Haas' first week of testing as a Formula 1 team. (0:53)

Romain Grosjean continues to be impressed with the Haas VF-16 after finishing second on the third day of testing in Barcelona.

A lap on the soft compound tyre moved the French driver into second on a day which saw him complete 74 laps. Grosjean admits Haas had hoped to complete a century but is pleased with how the car is responding to early changes and how the car feels from the cockpit.

Asked if his second day behind the wheel this week was a good one, Grosjean replied: "Yeah it was. The idea was to go over 100 laps. We didn't quite manage that because we lost some time after lunchtime. We had to repair some parts, we had quite a small glitch with the software. But generally we made some progress with the setup changes on the car, trying to understand how it was working in terms of aero, in terms of mechanical.

"Everyone is quite happy with the way it reacts, the way it goes in a good direction. The first impressions from the first day which were really good in the car are still there. I felt really good driving it. We have quite a lot of room for improvement in a lot of areas and a lot of work behind the scenes, but the guys are doing a good job and trying to learn how it goes and I think it was a positive day.

"At the minute it is a very, very safe and good baseline. We can certainly put some performance on it, but driving it, it's one of the very good baselines I have driven."

Grosjean says finishing second was a nice surprise but is not an important achievement for the team at this stage of testing.

"Yeah, it was quite good. I didn't even know, I didn't even expect that when we went in the afternoon. We ran all day on mediums and then put on two sets of new softs to see what the tyres are. I understand a bit more, so that was interesting. The main thing is to put mileage on the car. There are a lot of new parts that we need to see how they are going.

"There have been two big set-up changes on the car which worked well, which was good, went in a good direction in terms of engineering and in terms of driving, so that was be the main thing. I think tomorrow again it's mileage with Esteban [Gutierrez], it's trying to see which parts are going to break down first. Then from there, getting all the fixes for next week."