Fernando Alonso walks away from huge accident at Australian Grand Prix

'Alonso survival a tribute to F1's crash structures' (1:26)

Jonathan Legard says that Fernando Alonso's crash will mean that the cockpit protection measure from 2017 will be in full focus. (1:26)

Fernando Alonso walked away from a huge accident at the Australian Grand Prix, which resulted in a red flag on lap 18 of the race and demolished his McLaren-Honda.

The accident occured on lap 16 as Alonso moved to pass Esteban Gutierrez on the outside at Turn 3. He appeared to be caught out by the braking point of the Haas, which was on 17-lap old tyres compared to Alonso's new rubber, and clouted Gutierrez right front tyre to left rear tyre.

Alonso flipped into the air as he made contact with the gravel and flew at speed into the run off. The McLaren ended up resting upside down against the tyre barrier, but Alonso was able to get out without assistance and walk away from the wreckage.

The red flag saw a 20-minute stoppage before racing resumed.