2008 Rankings: Top 340 for the rest of the season

Our May-to-the-end rankings are the first of several re-rankings we will bring you this season. The methodology? Simple. Nine of our fantasy staffers were tasked with ranking the 340 players they see as the most valuable from this point forward -- that means April numbers don't count, only what a hitter or pitcher will do from this day forward.

In order to give you the most accurate consensus, the highest and lowest rank for each player were thrown out, with the remaining seven averaged for the score you see. However, we kept the high and low mark in play by bringing you the name of the staffer who liked each player the most or the least.

The rankers (in alphabetical order): Matthew Berry (whose personal ranks were published Monday), Tristan Cockcroft, Jason Grey, Christopher Harris, Will Harris, Eric Karabell, AJ Mass, Nate Ravitz and Brendan Roberts.

You can see rankings filtered for each position by using the drop-down menu below.