2012 Fantasy baseball top 300: Points

2012 Fantasy Baseball Top 300 - ESPN Standard Points Scoring

Position eligibility for hitters is determined by a minimum of 20 games played at that position the previous season. In the event that a player did not play 20 games at any one position, the most games played determines the position. Pitchers are assigned eligibility for five starts or eight relief appearences, or whichever they had the most of should neither criteria be satisfied. Rookies are listed in the role they are expected to fill in 2012.

Points are determined using ESPN standard scoring: One point per base, run, RBI, walk or stolen base and minus-1 for a strikeout for hitters. Pitchers receive 1 point per out (3 points per inning pitched), or strikeout. Wins and saves are worth 5 points each, a loss minus-5, an earned run minus-2, hits and walks allowed are minus-1 point.