The Talented Mr. Roto: Just saying ...

There are a lot of reasons I love me "The Twitter." First of all, folks I don't know can follow me (at twitter.com/TheRealTMR), and I don't have to reject folks like I do on Facebook. Seriously, I add only people I know in real life as friends on Facebook, and I find I spend less and less time there since they went to the new layout. But on Twitter, I can quickly respond to folks, I can hear from folks quickly and easily, and I can follow people I'm interested in.

I like the fact that nobody is poking me, or hitting me with a sheep, or sending me videos that really aren't funny. And are often about sheep.

I like that it is simple, I like that USC football coach Pete Carroll, of all people, is trying to get Will Ferrell on Twitter, and I like the immediacy of it.

But most of all, I like the 140-character limit. When you have only 140 characters, it makes you think about what's important to say, and what isn't. It forces you to be creative in a confined space.

That's also why I like doing "Just Saying …" It's one of the formats I've been doing for a few years now, and the people seem to dig it. Probably for the same reason they love to "tweet," which apparently is now an actual verb. Why read two paragraphs of analysis when you can read less than 140 characters?

And so I take a Twitter-like challenge with this column: No single player analysis more than 140 words. All stats are through Wednesday, and ownership percentages of each player in ESPN standard leagues are listed in parentheses.

And with that, I'm just saying …

… that since Sept. 1 of last year, Kyle Davies (23 percent) has a 2.23 ERA and 37 strikeouts in 44.1 innings.

… that in 2008, Kosuke Fukudome's (41 percent) batting average by month (April to September) went like this: .305, .293, .264, .236, .193, .178. He is currently hitting .370.

… that from the beginning of last season to April 14, 2009, Armando Galarraga has a 3.86 ERA. Felix Hernandez has a 3.83 ERA and Brandon Webb a 3.80 ERA over the same time frame. Galarraga also pitched well Wednesday night, no?

… that even with Ichiro Suzuki back, Endy Chavez (7 percent) still started Wednesday. And went 2-for-4 with a home run. He's hitting .405, and most importantly (and most likely to continue), he has three stolen bases.

… that catcher John Baker (11 percent) is hitting second, has six RBIs in six games and is hitting .348 so far. He hits between Emilio Bonifacio and Hanley Ramirez.

… that those who are saying Bonifacio is a fluke should note that he has 178 steals over his past four minor league seasons.

… that before you get all excited about Mike Hampton, realize that there are only three teams in the National League that have scored fewer runs than the Pirates.

… that no team has scored fewer runs than the Houston Astros, so temper expectations for pitchers who mow them down, too.

… that the save on "American Idol" was nice and all, but Matt Giraud is boring and will be gone next week. This thing is Adam Lambert's to lose.

… that Chris Snyder needs to be embarrassed. Joel Pineiro stole a base off him last night. Jason Kendall, incidentally, has allowed seven steals in eight games.

… that if you are in an NL-only league and looking for a great middle reliever, Mark DiFelice (0.1 percent) has a 1.29 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP and seven strikeouts in seven innings.

… that in 2007, Corey Hart finished with 24 home runs. He didn't hit his third home run until June 5 that year. In 2008, he finished with 20 home runs (but 10 more RBIs than he had in '07), and didn't hit his third home run until May 20 that year. Hart hit his third home run of 2009 on Monday.

… that I hate when managers bring in closers in non-save situations. I just saw that happen to Troy Percival against the Yankees. He was brought in to pitch the ninth inning of a tie game Wednesday, and of course, he got the loss.

… that I have Troy Percival on way too many teams.

… that Mike Lowell (31 percent) has two home runs and six RBIs in his past five games.

… that there's nothing quite like seeing one of your big boppers steal a base. Thank you, Miguel Cabrera.

… that sure it's a small sample size, but for some reason more people own Adam Everett (hitting .233, no speed) than Ramon Santiago (hitting .400, has a home run and much more speed).

… that speaking as a man of Jewish faith, I'm rather enjoying Mel Gibson's troubles these days.

… that since June 1 of last year, Huston Street's ERA is over 4.00. He has given up four earned runs in his past three appearances.

… that the only thing missing from the new, cool, futuristic Mel Kiper Jr. ad for our NFL draft coverage is him turning around and punching ninjas in mid-air.

… that frankly, now that I think about it, there's very little in the world of entertainment that can't be improved by someone punching ninjas.

… that dating back to last year, Chris Volstad (87 percent) now has given up two earned runs or fewer in eight of his past 10 starts.

… that in their first 55 innings, St. Louis starting pitchers had a 1.96 ERA.

… that the Rangers scored 19 runs Wednesday. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia still went 0-for-5. Doesn't that drive you insane?

… that Ty Wigginton (4 percent) is going to replace Melvin Mora at third base. He qualifies at third base and the outfield, and has hit at least 20 home runs in three straight seasons.

… that I've never been a huge fan of him, but as long as we are talking short-term third base options, Casey Blake (10 percent) just hit his third home run in his past seven games.

… that last year, Derek Jeter didn't hit his second homer 'til May 17 and didn't record his second steal until May 21. In 2007, he didn't get to these totals until April 29. This year he got to them on April 14. Maybe it's me, but batting leadoff seems to be working for him.

… that Chris Duncan (7 percent) has Albert Pujols and Ryan Ludwick in front of him, qualifies at first base and the outfield and is hitting .323 with a home run and seven RBIs. I've always liked Chris Duncan.

… that speaking of guys I have always liked, Josh Fields (7 percent) is hitting second in the White Sox lineup these days, and he's hitting .308.

… that there's nothing more annoying than being sick. As you read this, I am curled up in a ball, miserable. For once, it's because of my health and not because I own Clayton Kershaw in a few leagues, and he got robbed of a win last night.

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