Late preseason mixed roto mock

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In an effort to serve all of our fantasy baseball owners in a variety of league formats, we're running a series of mock drafts so that you can see how our experts alter their approach. This final mock is a 10-team, mixed-league rotisserie league, a format we'd drafted on Feb. 11; as you'll see, the results are quite different now that injuries and minor-league decisions have been made.

Our esteemed mock drafters here were: Eric Karabell, Jason Collette, Todd Zola, A.J. Mass, Tristan Cockcroft, James Quintong, Pierre Becquey, Matthew Berry, Joe Kaiser and myself.

The results are presented round by round, including where each player was taken in the earlier 10-team mock, and a comparison of where he was drafted in this version versus the earlier one. We present these results without any further comment, but welcome your comments and debate in the section at the end of this post.

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