Best bets to fill category gaps

Unless you have constructed a juggernaut of a fantasy team in a rotisserie or head-to-head category league, you likely have a weakness in at least one or two categories.

For that reason, as we hit the stretch run for roto leagues and playoffs for H2H category leagues, it's often necessary to add players who aren't great all-around fantasy options. Sometimes we need to snag a free agent who gives us something good in only one or two categories.

With that in mind, I take a look this week at a wide range of stat-specific pickups who could help you round out your starting lineup as we head into crunch time. As I noted last week, those of you in H2H formats will need to factor in weekly schedule strength when deciding whether the following players are worth adding to your teams.

Points, 3s and FG%

Terrence Ross (30.2 percent ownership in ESPN leagues): Ross has shot a stellar 53.7 FG% over the past month and has averaged 15.8 PPG, 4.0 3-PPG and 57.4 FG% the past two weeks. That FG% may taper off, but we should expect the Toronto Raptors to ride Ross' 3-point skills the remainder of the season.

Khris Middleton (43.7 percent): After averaging 14.8 PPG, 2.5 3-PPG and 49.6 FG% last month, Middleton is averaging 16.2 PPG, 2.0 3-PPG and 51.4 FG% in six March games. It's tough to find 3-point chuckers who carry a good FG%, but you can find him on most waiver wires right now.

Matt Barnes (67.8 percent): He has gone berserk since Jamal Crawford went down with a calf injury, averaging 17.8 PPG, 3.0 3-PPG and 54.8 FG% in five games this month. He'll probably cool off after Crawford returns, but he still averaged 11.2 PPG, 1.8 3-PPG and 48.9 FG% last month when Crawford was healthy, so he has some long-term potential in deeper leagues.

Points, FG% and FT%

Kelly Olynyk (5.3 percent): Inconsistency from the 22-year-old rookie makes his long-term value iffy, but he has been making the most of his minutes lately and has every chance to finish the season strongly. Over the past two weeks, he is averaging 17.8 PPG, 59.5 FG% (10.5 FGA per game) and 83.3 FT% (4.5 FTA per game). Ride him until he cools off.

Points and FG%

Alec Burks (73.0 percent): Over the past month, Burks has averaged 17.0 PPG and 47.8 FG%. He has had some rough patches of shooting this season, but I expect a strong finish from Burks this season. If only he could get his free throw stroke on track, because he could make an even bigger impact. Burks (5.1 FTM/7.0 FTA, 73.5 FT%) has been on pace with LeBron James (5.0 FTM/7.1 FTA, 70.5 FT%) at the charity stripe over the past month.

Points, 3s and FT%

D.J. Augustin (79.0 percent): His FG% can be a problem, but he is averaging 14.6 PPG and 2.2 3s per game the past month and has shot a scorching-hot 51.7 FG% in March. He has missed just one free throw since Feb. 3 and is averaging a decent 4.0 FTA per game the past month.

Points, FG% and steals

Corey Brewer (21.8 percent): Brewer knows his role with the Minnesota Timberwolves and has embraced it with success. The result for fantasy teams is a steady 49.1 FG% shooter who averages 14.0 PPG and 2.0 SPG in March. Kevin Martin's return hasn't had a negative impact on Brewer, so you should be able to pencil him into your lineup for the remainder of the season.

Assists and Steals

Raymond Felton (47.2 percent): Hideous FG% caveat aside, he is a shoo-in for 5-6 dimes and 1.5 swipes per game for deep-leaguers.

Mario Chalmers (45.9 percent): Chalmers is another deep-league helper with 4-5 dimes and 1.7-plus SPG, plus he typically sports a nice FG%.

3s and Steals

Patrick Beverley (7.8 percent): He is nearly averaging 2.0 SPG and 2.0 3-PPG the past month.

Derek Fisher (0.2 percent): The old fella isn't too far off that pace either (1.8 3-PPG, 1.7 SPG the past month).

Assists and 3-pointers

Jordan Farmar (31.2 percent): So long as he's getting 20-plus minutes per game, he'll get you about 5 dimes and at least a couple of 3s. His FG% has been solid of late too.

Manu Ginobili (66.6 percent): You can pen him in for 5 dimes and 2 3-pointers just about every time he steps on the court.

Rebounds and blocks

Chris Andersen (2.7 percent): Another deep-league option, Andersen has averaged 5.9 RPG and 1.8 BPG the past month. That includes 11 total blocks in two of his past four games.

Kyle O'Quinn (3.1 percent): More help for deep-leaguers here. Over the past two weeks, he has averaged 7.7 RPG and 1.6 BPG. He also sports a plus-50 FG%.


Dion Waiters (42.4 percent): About all Waiters does is score, though he has averaged 46.0 FG% over the past month. It looks like he's over his knee injury, so he could be a 15-16 PPG scorer down the stretch.

Tony Wroten (20.8 percent): If I believed he would keep it up, I would have put Wroten in the "Points and FG%" category because he has hit 47.2 percent of his shots the past month. He has been even hotter the past two weeks, averaging 17.2 PPG, 1.7 SPG and 49.4 FG%.


Pero Antic (1.7 percent): Struggling to battle in 3s? How about a center who can get you a couple of 3-pointers each game and carries a solid FG%? A sneaky pickup in any league right now.

Vince Carter (48.9 percent): His scoring is spotty from game to game, but he's never shy about hoisting 3s.

Anthony Tolliver (0.0 percent): Since he does basically nothing but drop 3s, he's a deep-league option with 2.2 3-PPG the past month.


Kendall Marshall (66.0 percent): He can't play D or shoot, so he's a dime specialist now. He almost can't help but dish out double-digit dimes, though, so beggars can't be choosers. If you need assists, pick him up.

Josh McRoberts (6.0 percent): What do Joakim Noah, LeBron James, Kevin Love and McBob have in common? They're the only bigs averaging at least 4.7 APG the past month.


Draymond Green (1.4 percent): A helper in deep leagues, Green had at least one steal in 11 straight games before posting a bagel Sunday.


Anderson Varejao (48.6 percent): He may not max out his boards with Spencer Hawes in the mix, but he should still be a solid double-double option once he's back to full speed.

Enes Kanter (59.7 percent): He is averaging 9.5 RPG off the bench this month and usually hits more than half of his shots too.

Reggie Evans (1.3 percent): He is a beast on the boards when he gets minutes, and he's getting them right now (20.6 MPG, 8.5 RPG since joining the Sacramento Kings).

P.J Tucker (9.1 percent): He is averaging 8.2 RPG and 1.5 steals over the past month.


Wesley Johnson (24.6 percent): A nice bonus here, as Johnson is eligible at guard and has averaged 1.6 BPG the past two weeks.

Danny Green (46.3 percent): Also guard-eligible and averaging 1.2 BPG the past two weeks.