Fantasy Football: 2007 Rules Changes

Thank you for your support of ESPN Fantasy. As part of our continuing effort to bring our players the best possible game experience, the following changes have been made to the standard game for 2007.


• There are now two starting running backs on the active roster, bringing the number of total starters per team to nine.

• The bench size of teams has been reduced from eight to seven players, keeping the total number of players per team at 16 players, as it was last season.

• Teams are now allowed a maximum of eight running backs, up from the six allowed last season.

• Teams are now allowed a maximum of three defense/special teams units, up from the two allowed last season.


• There is no longer a bonus for 40+ yard touchdown passes, rushes or receptions.

• All missed field goals are now scored as negative one point (-1); last season missed field goals of 0-39 yards were negative two points (-2), and missed field goals between 40-49 yards were negative one point (-1).

• Defensive return touchdowns -- kickoff returns, punt returns, interception returns, fumble returns, blocked punt, blocked field goal and field goal returns -- are now worth six (6) points, an increase over the three (3) awarded last season.

Schedule and Playoffs

• Total points scored replaces head-to-head record as the playoff seeding tiebreaker.