Steven Jackson: A day in the life ... rehab style

ESPNers, I am sorry to tell you this … especially all my owners out there:

You're going to have to sit me for another week. I'm not going to play in Week 5.

So, start my man Brian Leonard again. Sixteen carries for 58 yards. I hope you all were watching, because that's what I like to call an "auspicious rookie debut." Without a doubt, we'll see him build on that this week against Arizona. We're back home, he's looking great in practice and this team needs a win. Badly. And I wish I could be out there to help, but I just can't do it; the mind is willing, but the body isn't having it. Not yet, at least.

In the meantime, let me give you an exclusive look at a typical day in the life of Steven Jackson ... with a rehab twist:

•Wake up and immediately go ice
•Drive 20 minutes to practice

•Go to work and have breakfast

•Work with the team trainers
•Move on to flexibility and strengthening work
•Go to team meetings
•Watch practice (seriously, Leonard looks good)
•Rehab work (I'm skipping lunch to rehab. It's my choice, and I think my time is better spent getting back than eating lunch.)

•Head to the night meetings
•Then go home for dinner

And that's where I stand right now. I'm feeling a lot better this week, but I still can't play. I can, however, give you some fantasy advice. Get my guys. Torry Holt, Drew Bennett, Isaac Bruce, Randy McMichael -- we are bound to start clicking soon. We are just too talented to be stuck at 0-4. Remember, we had a tough stretch last season after Orlando Pace went down, but once the O-line had some time together to gel, it turned it on, and we won four of our last six. I think we're pretty much due for that now.

And how about Gus Frerotte? I tell you what, he's with us in the locker room, he's been taking a lot of snaps in practice and he looks real sharp. In fact, throw him on the list with Torry, Drew, Isaac and Randy. Gus is good, ESPNers. Don't hesitate to add him to your fantasy teams. As for Marc Bulger, well, we all know he's a warrior -- he's been playing with two broken ribs! I mean, even an accountant can't go to work with two broken ribs, and Marc was out there getting sacked by 275-pound linebackers. That's tough.

On a lighter, note, you all know I went to OSU, right? So I bleed orange. Last weekend, we were up 14-12 with less than eight minutes to go and then lost after UCLA scored four fourth-quarter TDs. Totally crushed me. And to make matters worse, Drew Bennett and Brandon Chillar are Bruins and wouldn't let me forget about it. But I'm not worried about the Beavers. Coach Mike Riley will right the ship and get them going soon, no doubt about it.

For those of you in St. Louis who want more Rams talk, you can hear me Thursday nights on KLOU (103.3 on your FM dial), where I host "The Steven Jackson Show."

For now, though, it's back to the gym. I am absolutely gunning to get back on the field soon. I have a lot of pent up energy that I'm just dying to release on some unsuspecting defense!

Good luck this week to all of you with my Rams on your teams. And, I suppose, to those of you still not believing ... but more luck to those of you with Rams.

Talk to you in seven days!

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.