Healthy Again

You remember how I told everyone in my last column that I was looking forward to the bye week? Well, it ended up being a bit of a bore. Such is the life of a running back, I suppose ...

What did I end up doing? Well, to be honest, I worked on a few things that should benefit all of you reading this. Or, at least, all of my owners reading this. I rehabbed. A lot. Rehab has been my life for the past two months, but I tell you what: it worked. I'm feeling fast, strong, and healthy. You want a definitive answer on whether or not I'm going to play this week, instead of all this wishy-washy speculation?

It's yes.

I'll be out there, I'm feeling great, and we're going to push hard to try and get that first win. To say I'm "pumped" might be an understatement.

I also got a lot of nice feedback on the "Steven Jackson Book Club" suggestions from last week, so let me throw out another little bit of advice for all you movie-goers out there: "American Gangster." So good I saw it twice. And the fact that Denzel's son, John David, is a good friend and on our practice squad here with the Rams had very little to do with it ... I just love gangster movies. Seriously. I'll turn on the TV and see something like "Goodfellas" on about halfway through, and you can't get me to change the channel until Ray Liotta calls himself a "schnook" and the credits roll. And "American Gangster" is right up there with the best, which I consider, "Scarface," "The Godfather" (I and II), and "Casino."

And speaking of Nevada, everyone knows I'm from Vegas, right? I just want to let it be known that I think we're a little overdue for our own pro team out here. I know the NBA season is starting, and they've talked a little about bringing a team in, but I still don't understand how we don't have one yet. I mean, I live here, and I see the people coming in and out constantly, and it's just the perfect setting. Did you know AEG (the people responsible for bringing us David Beckham) and Harrah's are building a new arena in Vegas? Know where I read that? In a couple years, we're going to have an arena, and I am hoping that will help us to get a pro franchise?

Think about it like this: what do you go to Vegas for? Conventions, weddings, boxing matches, shopping, spa weekends for the girls … pretty much everything and anything you can think of. Do you realize Celine Dion sells out her show every night? You could probably put a guy with an accordion, a harmonica, and cymbals who plays nothing but "Livin' on a Prayer" over and over again on stage out here, with clips of the most boring movie in the world playing behind him, and it would be filled to capacity. So why wouldn't you throw a pro team in an arena that the taxpayers (myself included -- I live there and I'm loving this) didn't even have to pay for? We locals are always looking for something to do, and adding 30-40 live professional games per year would be welcomed with open arms. Trust me, leagues! Vegas will be a move you won't regret. Plus, you can get Cirque de Soleil to perform at halftime.

And that is my bye week rant. Next week, hopefully, we'll be talking about how the Rams are looking ahead to win No. 2. Until then, I hope you find fantasy success this weekend, and keep me locked into your running back slots. With super glue. It's too late to trade for me now! And by Monday, you'll be wishing you had when I told you to a few weeks ago.

Best of luck to all you ESPN fantasy ballers, though, regardless of whether you own me or not.


Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.