Big runs, playoffs

Yes, folks, I realize I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but let's just get it out of the way first:

I am fine.

The head is fine, the groin is fine, and the back is fine. So I'm feeling great, ready to play, and you have nothing to worry about for your teams this week. In fact, I know a lot of fantasy owners are gearing up for the playoffs (I'm told they start in earnest next Thursday), so I'm going to try to turn it on a little bit, and get you those double-digit points that you all drafted me for. I'd like to help every owner who held on to me and believed in me to get that fantasy gold. And, in turn, stomp on all those teams who traded me away. Let's aim for a couple more long runs this week, and then we'll really get amped up for the playoffs.

And speaking of long touchdown runs, I couldn't help but notice that my little scamper last weekend made it to the "SportsCenter" top play list. That's a pretty cool thing to see, considering how many games I'd been forced to sit out at the beginning of the season. Also, I have to admit, it's always cool to see yourself on TV making a big run like that. We have film that we have to watch every week, but it's not set to music like on ESPN. Or the shoe commercial with Merriman. Remember that one? I still get all fired up watching it.

Anyway, the run was just the perfect play-call. We caught them on an outside blitz, my line gave me a great hole, and I was able to run on a straight line to the end zone. Everyone thinks I'm just a power back, but I have wheels, man! Like I said, keep me in there.

And I hate to end this column on a somber note, but I wanted to address the Sean Taylor situation. I knew Sean, and this is just a tragic, sad loss. He was a great person and family guy. My prayers go out to him and his family. And to his teammates, his friends, even the fans who went out and wore his "21" jerseys, know that I'm there with you. It goes to show you that anyone, even an athlete, can be a victim of senseless violence. And it kind of puts the entire game in perspective.

So, for this week, why don't all the owners out there take all those prayers you've been saying in hopes of fantasy success, and send them out to Sean's family. I am sure it would be greatly appreciated.

Best of luck to everyone again, and I will see you all in seven days.

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.