Music, playoffs and more

I tell you what, fantasy-heads: These long runs are nice, but the runs in the games we win always seem to be a little sweeter.

It feels good to break another 50-plus-yard run. I mean, think about when you were a kid: Did you like scampering for 5 yards before someone gave you the two-hand touch (and then you tried to convince everyone it was only one hand that got you)? Or did nothing beat breaking free with that nerf ball and sprinting down half the field, dodging the kids from down the street trying to tackle you, and crossing the goal line totally out of breath? It's Option B every time for me; I'm not ashamed to admit that there's still a little kid under the 39 jersey.

So how'd these runs start popping up now? The past two weeks, we've really tried to focus on finishing games. I've been coming into the game just trying to dominate the ground game, control the ball, and run out the clock. And I've been fortunate enough to have some great blocking, which is allowing me to run down the field and get you all these fantasy points. In fact, I took a peek at my fantasy scoring from last week. 22 points! Not bad, right? And for those of you with me in one of your running back slots heading into the fantasy playoffs, know that I'm going to try and get us up into that 30-point range this week.

Now, on to a more pressing matter:


I know there was a pretty big deal made after the win this week about me requesting some better music in the Edward Jones Dome. And I wanted to address that here, because I know you ESPNers love hearing about things that have very little bearing on your fantasy play. Do you all remember the scene in "Caddyshack" when Rodney Dangerfield throws a bunch of bills at the band to pep up the music at the Bushwood mixer? That was pretty much me. Al Czervik. Without all the money being thrown around.

But the Dome had been a little quiet as of late, and I just felt like we needed some better stuff coming out of the speakers to get us fired up a little bit. Like when Derek Jeter steps up to the plate and gets his favorite song blasting through Yankee Stadium. Why not throw a little bit of that in now and then during the games? And it wasn't only for us. I did it just as much to get the crowd up and moving, and it worked -- you could see them dancing on the JumboTron! In my mind, there's no better way to do that than pumping a little music over the speakers to get the bodies moving.

Anyway, I figured I'd share a little bit of what I listen to if I want to get pumped up before a game. Maybe you can fire it up on your laptop while checking fantasy scores this week …

Generally speaking, anything with a good beat that has some gut-wrenching, high-energy sounds to get the blood flowing, or to get the guys pumped up, works. Before Week 13's game, I was going back and forth between the new Jay-Z (I love "American Gangster") and Incubus.

On my iPod, though, I'm all over the place. I have a little Bob Marley, some Sade, and I have the Gorillaz on heavy rotation right now. It all pales in comparison, though, to me doing my karaoke version of "Welcome to the Jungle." I'm going to have to get that one out to the masses. Somehow.

So this week, we're on the road, and I'll be unable to test my "better music" theory, but I'm still looking for another win. The team is really coming together -- we've won three of our past four -- and I think we're all still holding out hope that if we win out, and a couple of things go our way in terms of the teams ahead of us, we can at least try to get that last playoff spot at 7-9. It's going to be tough, but it isn't necessarily impossible.

To those of you in the playoffs, good luck this week. I'll do my best to get you into the next round.

See you in seven days.

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.