2010 Fantasy Football Team MVPs

What makes a fantasy MVP? It's not simply the guy who tallies the most points, it's also about what it cost to get that player on draft day or, better yet, on the waiver wire. It's about bang for the buck, and performance versus expectations. And sometimes, it's all about straight-up, in-your-face domination. Here are the players selected by the fantasy staff as each NFL team's most valuable player, in the fantasy sense.


AFC East by James Quintong

AFC North by Pierre Becquey

AFC South by Keith Lipscomb

AFC West by Brendan Roberts


NFC East by James Quintong

NFC North by Pierre Becquey

NFC South by Keith Lipscomb

NFC West by Brendan Roberts

Pierre Becquey, Keith Lipscomb, James Quintong and Brendan Roberts are editors for ESPN.com fantasy.