Consistency ratings for PPR leagues

The following charts provide Consistency Ratings for fantasy owners in PPR -- point-per-reception -- leagues. PPR scoring is simple; take ESPN's standard scoring and add one point for each reception.

How these Consistency Ratings work: Each player earned a "point" in three different categories depending upon whether he met a predetermined benchmark: "Start," which means his point total in the given week was worthy of having had active in an ESPN standard league; "Stud," which means his point total ranked among the top at his position; and "Stiff," which means his point total ranked among the worst at his position and that starting most any waiver-wire option would have been smarter. (Players were only classified as "Stiffs" if they played the game; missing the contest instead earned them a point in the "Sat" column.)

These benchmarks by position ("Stiff" benchmark meaning the player needed to finish with that number or fewer):

Players are ranked by the percentage of their teams' scheduled games in which their weekly point total was classified a "Start." Only running backs, wide receivers and tight ends are listed below, as they are the positions directly affected by PPR: (Note: Team refers to current team as of Sept. 6.)

Running backs: 2010

Running backs: 2008-10

Wide receivers: 2010

Wide receivers: 2008-10

Tight ends: 2010

Tight ends: 2008-10

Tristan H. Cockcroft is a fantasy football analyst for ESPN.com. You can e-mail him here, or follow him on Twitter @SultanofStat.