ESPN Fantasy Baseball Game Notice

The technology team here at ESPN has been working long and hard to fix each and every abnormality in our fantasy baseball product. The issues:

  • Live stats are not 100% accurate – We have a few minor bugs to straighten out, but all major issues have been resolved. Please keep in mind that the stats that update live your team, standings, scoreboard and boxscore pages are not official. The official stats are loaded overnight.

  • Waivers are not running consistently and are out of sync at times – the best and most fair fix for this problem is to clear out all pending waiver claims at 5:00 PM ET today and reset those claims to clear according to your league settings. For example, if you have a claim in for a player that was supposed to process on April 5th at 3:00 AM and your league uses the 48 waiver period rule, then your claim will be deleted and he will clear on April 8th at 3:00 AM. You will have time to claim the player again if you still want to add him to your roster. We know this is a big deal and regret that we have to make this adjustment, but we feel it is necessary to get the waiver process back on track. Leagues that do not use waivers will not be affected by this adjustment.

In an effort to ensure the integrity of all leagues, we are going to take two more steps today at 5:00 PM ET:

  • Eliminate all future roster moves – You are setting up a future roster move each time you alter your lineup for future days. For example, if you are in a daily league you are executing a future roster move if you click one of the future date links on your team page and alter the lineup for that day. We feel this alteration is necessary to eliminate any potential future problems with rosters.

  • Eliminate all trades that have not been accepted and/or processed – Again we felt his is necessary to eliminate any potential future problems with rosters.

    We will post a message when the maintenance is complete. Once this message is posted we encourage you to make all necessary changes to your roster, including:

  • Submit your waiver claims again if you still want the player.

  • Propose and/or accept all trades that have not been processed (players have not switched rosters).

  • Execute all future roster moves again.

We apologize for the inconvenience and once everything is back on track look forward to a great 2007 Fantasy Baseball season.

-ESPN Fantasy Games