Rules - Waivers and Free Agency

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Any undrafted player is available to add to your team immediately if he is listed as "FA" (free agent) on the main Players page. Players listed in claim status are locked and considered "on waivers". Owners can put a claim for players on waivers, but must wait a specified amount of time until the waiver clears.

The team owner with the best waiver priority (closest to "1") that puts a claim on a player will receive the player when waivers clear. For example, if two or more owners put in claims for Petr Sykora, the claim with the better waiver priority is awarded Petr Sykora.

NOTE: Waiver Priority is in numeric order -- a team owner with waiver priority 1 gets precedence over a team owner with waiver priority 10. To help prevent the issue of cycling players through free agency, a player that is added and released on the same day will remain a free agent. Intentional cycling of players through waivers is a serious offense and may result in a team being banned from participating in ESPN Fantasy Games.

Players reside on waivers for at least 48 hours before clearing to become free agents. At the clearance time, the player is assigned to either a team (if a claim was made) or the free-agent pool (if no claim was made). Unclaimed players not acquired during the waiver period become free agents and may be picked up on a first-come, first-serve basis without affecting a team's waiver position.

Standard leagues use the following method for determining which team has priority in waiver claims.

    Move to last after claim, never reset order:

    The team that makes the most recent pickup is automatically moved to the last slot.

Your team's position in the waiver order can be see on your My Team page.