More bad news for Bivens 

June, 8, 2006
HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. -- Funny how Michelle Wie and Carolyn Bivens have a lot in common. Both are going through their first season in professional golf with an incredible opportunity to do something special. Both have more than their share of second-guessers. And so both have the tendency to draw whispers that often overshadow the actual golf on the course.

One difference: Wie gets her share of compliments, while Bivens can't seem to buy one. The still-new commissioner was the gossip of the day at the McDonald's LPGA Championship on Thursday, as three more of her cabinet members resigned on Wednesday.

Golfweek reported that Bivens lost her chief strategic officer, Liz Ausman, her senior vice president of golf, Deb Richard, and her vice president of partnerships, Julie Tyson. That makes seven high-ranking officials who have bailed on Bivens since she took office in September.

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