Open greens not great ... yet 

June, 14, 2006
MAMARONECK, N.Y. -- There's only one way to check out the greens on any golf course, let alone a major championship venue. You can't stand next to them and stare at them. You can't just watch them on TV. You can't even walk across them and know exactly what they're like.

Nope, in order to really see what the greens are doing, you need to get out there with a few golf balls and roll 'em around, see how they react to different undulations, how they gain or lose speed in certain situations.

So I did just that.

Jason Sobel | email

Golf Editor,
Jason Sobel, who joined ESPN in 1997, earned four Sports Emmy awards as a member of ESPN's Studio Production department. He became's golf editor in July 2004.